Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, but before you run to the store and buy generic chocolates and “I love you” teddy bears, try thinking out of the heart shaped box. Valentine’s Day is about love, but love doesn’t have to empty your bank account, and isn’t it still true that the best gifts come from the heart? Well maybe the whole “money doesn’t buy happiness” motto is a bit outdated, but you can still bring happiness to your loved ones without spending a lot of money, or at least that’s what we are thinking. While “cheap” doesn’t necessarily indicate romance, a budget friendly gift that is perfect for your girlfriend or wife will certainly lead to some passion. Luckily there is no set rule to Valentine’s Day gifting, this is a holiday in its own category and varies from couple to couple, so if you and your main squeeze tend to partake in low key celebrations, then these smaller gifts are the perfect tokens of love and admiration.

To aid you in your search for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, we have collected a large mix of items, all are affordable, all are romantic and all most are red! Beauty products, such as makeup, nail polish, fragrances, lotions, and bath soaps are not only pretty gifts, but also make the receiver feel pretty. Another gift that makes us ladies feel loved is jewelry, shiny, sparkling, and brand new, earrings and necklaces make great gifts, that can still make a statement at an affordable price.

Every item on our budget friendly Valentine’s Day gift guide is less than $35 and majority are below $20! All of the products can be mixed and matched to create the perfect gift for your sweetheart on February 14th. You certainly don’t need cupid’s arrow to discover the perfect gift for your loved one; you just need love, time and a little bit of Google searching! Check out our budget friendly Valentine’s Day gift guide to discover the perfect, affordable gift for your valentine!