‘Burn Notice’ Series Finale Spoilers, Recap: Which Major Character Will Die In The Bittersweet Ending To ‘Burn Notice’? [PHOTOS, POLL AND VIDEO]

It is the beginning of the end for "Burn Notice" fans. Tonight, USA will air episode 10 of the finale season. "Tipping Point" premieres tonight at 9pm and the promo for tonight's episode suggests Westen will come face to face with someone he never expected to see again. This could be a variety of characters we have met in the past to people we have only heard about. With only three-episodes left 'Burn Notice' has lived up to its reputation of keeping viewers guessing. You never know what is going to happen.

While tonight's episode is sure to be a heart stopping, rollercoaster of emotions, fans are eager to get some information about the series finale of "Burn Notice." The series finale will air on Thursday September 12 and fans be prepared we are losing a beloved character. A major character will die in the bittersweet ending of "Burn Notice." "There's a huge tragedy for one of the principal characters, but it's for all the right reasons," "Burn Notice" star Jeffrey Donovan said in an interview with tvguide.com. "And it's mirrored by a beautiful family moment that fans are going to love and that will resolve this journey of seven seasons."

What could Donovan be talking about? Will it be a reconciliation between him and Fiona? Which major character will suffer the tragedy? There are so many questions that still need to be answered and with only three episodes left it is almost impossible to tell what is coming next. Bruce Campbell plays Michael Westen's mojito drinking best buddy, Sam Axe. Campbell also told TV Guide that fans should expect the tears to be flowing before the show ends. "People are going to be blown away in more ways than one. We've got a few more tears to shed, but some will be happy ones," Campbell said.

In season seven of "Burn Notice" Michael Westen has been travelling down a dark path. Everyone from the shows characters to fans have noticed Westen has changed over the course of the season. Westen has been working under cover with the CIA. The goal is to stop a wanted terrorist named James. If Michael Westen cannot take James down he and all of his friends will be sent back to the detention center they were placed in at the end of season six. James thinks himself a hero killing those who would kill others. However his methods are brutal and Michael seems to be agreeing with some of James philosophies.

Fans should not worry too much. The show's creator Matt Nix told TV Guide "it has to get darkest before the dawn," referring to Michael's dark turn. "Michael's going down a dark path, but he's surrounded by good people," Bruce Campbell added. "It takes a village to raise a spy." For you Fiona and Michael fans don't worry, Donovan dropped a hint that the explosive pair would be reuniting at the series' end. "There would be a national revolution if Fi and Michael didn't get back together," Donovan told TV Guide.

Get ready "Burn Notice" fans this seven season wild ride is about to come to a bittersweet conclusion. What are some of your predictions for how "Burn Notice" will end? Let us know in the comment section! Stay with Latin Times for all your "Burn Notice" coverage.

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