"Camelia La Texana" premieres tonight on the Telemundo network at 10 p.m. ET/PT. The telenovela based off the the Los Tigres Del Norte corrido "Contrabando y Traición" has become a folktale in Mexican culture. This new series stars Sara Maldonado as the titular character and Erik Hayser as Emilio Varela, the man that Camelia falls for. Following the footsteps of "La Reina Del Sur" and "El Señor De Los Cielos," "Camelia" will try and recapture that audience that is faithful to these type of stories that revolve around the dark world of the cartels and drug trafficking.

The Telemundo production takes place in Los Angeles, San Antonio and Mexico being produced in conjunction with Argos and Campanario Entertainment. "Camelia La Texana" was written by Diego Ramón Bravo in collaboration with Hilario Peña and adapted by Rodrigo Ordoñez and Marcelo Tobar. Mexican filmmaker Carlos Bolado who is Oscar nominated is directing while Tita Lombardo from acclaimed films like "Amores Perros" and "Babel" produces this original telenovela. Get acquanted with "Camelia La Texana" and its characters down below and scroll through the photo gallery above to know who is who. Are you excited for the premiere tonight?

SYNOPSIS: The story of a naive and beautiful young woman who tries to escape her destiny. The story begins in the 1970s when young Camelia and her mother flee one of Mexico’s most dangerous capos, Don Antonio. Camelia’s beauty attracts a lot of attention -- jealousy from other women and infatuation on the part of many men, who fall powerless at her feet. Her mother tries to protect her from the fate that pursues her, but as she sets off in search of adventure Camelia meets the man who will be the love of her life, and also her betrayer: Emilio Varela. Emilio promises Camelia the moon and the stars, but instead he breaks her heart. 

Sara Maldonado (Camelia Pineda aka 'La Texana'): A beautiful and sweet girl who lives in San Antonio. Disillusioned by love, she becomes a dangerous woman marked forever by her fury at Emilio Varela’s betrayal. Once a naïve believer in true love, she is now a strong, brave and legendary woman, born to become the legend of Camelia la Texana.

Erik Hayser (Emilio Varela): An intelligent and seductive outlaw who knows how to get what he wants. Emilio’s cleverness and charisma make him more than just a common criminal: He is gallant, vain and, above all, a master liar. Camelia is his great passion; he has never met anyone like her before, but his feelings for her are not enough to make him break his promise to return to the mother of child, the “owner” of his life.

Andrés Palacios (Facundo García): An honest and committed police officer (surrounding by corrupt colleagues) who won’t rest until he completes his mission. What begins as a manhunt turns into a romantic obsession, plunging Facundo into a forbidden love between policeman and criminal in which there is no happy ending.

Dagoberto Gama (Don Antonio Treviño): The boss of the Treviño cartel, Don Antonio has a mission before he dies: to come to terms with his past. But tracking down Camelia la Texana won’t be easy, and Don Antonio will have to draw on all of his substantial resources to catch her.

Tamara Mazarraza (Lu): A beautiful Chinese-Mexican woman who is 20 years younger than her husband. She is hopelessly in love with the man who saved her life when she was a girl, and who was always loyal to her father’s family, saving them from extermination. The driving force of her life, however, is avenging her family, making her a calculating, seductive woman who is capable of a great many things.

Claudette Maillé (Rosaura Pineda): A mysterious woman, haunted by her past, Rosaura has spent her entire life on the run, suspicious of everyone. She finds a temporary refuge in San Antonio, where she hopes to live a normal life alongside her daughter, Camelia ... until the past catches up with her again.

Joaquín Garrido (Don Arnulfo Navarro): Timoteo Treviño’s former right-hand man, now a temporary ally of his son, Don Antonio, after a fragile truce. Don Arnulfo’s ambition is to become the boss of the drug trafficking business, and he is well on his way to realizing his dream when he comes face to face with Camelia.

Erendira Ibarra (Alison Varela): For the self-proclaimed “owner” of Emilio Varela’s life, the man himself is her biggest problem and her greatest weakness. Nevertheless, she and her son, Emilio Jr., have done well for themselves in the family business: smuggling undocumented immigrants (“pollos”) over the border. Within this shadowy world, Alison has a reputation as an honest “pollera” whom people trust.

Arcelia Ramírez ('La Nacha'): The oldest and most important smuggler on the border who controls the busy crossings at Tijuana and Ciudad Juárez. Nothing happens on the border without La Nacha knowing about it and giving her OK. But her power stems from the long-ago betrayal of the family of Antonio Treviño’s wife, Lu, and one day she will be called to pay her debts in blood.

Julio Casado (Benigno Treviño): Antonio’s brother Benigno is the family’s aspiring politician. His ambitions help the Treviños consolidate their power in Sinaloa, but Benigno has a secret that could sabotage their plans.

Peter Theis (Carson): An American policeman who teams up with Facundo to investigate a murder on the border, Carson soon becomes a key player for the DEA in Mexico.

Luis Ernesto Franco (El Alacrán): Don Antonio’s confidence man, “the Scorpion” is deadly to his enemies but loyal to his friends. Astute, cautious and a loner, when he shoots he never misses. Behind his tough exterior, however, El Alacrán conceals a good heart.

Estefania Villareal (Mireya Osuna): This outgoing, strong-willed 18-year-old becomes Camelia’s best friend and confidant when the two set out on an adventure together. Mireya also has a distinctive talent: a powerful singing voice that could lead her to stardom.

Ana Paula D'León (Alma Treviño): Adopted by Antonio Treviño after the death of her parents, little Alma has a special gift: Her dreams foretell the future. Her strange talent comes in handy during times of crisis and enables her more than once to save her family, but Alma soon realizes that it also gives her the power to manipulate the destinies of those around her.

Cosmo González (Emilio Varela Bailow, Jr.): Emilio and Alison’s son, Emilio Jr. resents his father’s absences. Always in search of his next con, he will play an unexpected role in the Treviño clan’s future.