Carmen Salinas was named education ambassador by the educators union, known in Mexico as the Sindicato Nacional De Trabajadores De La Educación (SNTE). Juan Gabriel Corchado made the announcement on Thursday highlighting that the "Mi Corazón Es Tuyo" actress would be a great representative as she has manifested in favor of good family values and against bullying. Entertainment journalist "Chucho" Gallegos was also presented with the honor of helping out with the public school system. When presented with the news, people at first were shocked, but as it's no joke, internet users have taken to Twitter and created some hilarious memes. The images range from obvious spelling errors and Salinas happily offending people as she was the new queen of education. If you are not easily offended, scroll-through the expletive-filled gallery above with the funniest Carmen Salinas Memes

Earlier this week Mexico faced Bosnia in a friendly soccer match last night leading up to the World Cup. The outcome was a loss for the team coached by Miguel "El Piojo" Herrera, which he blamed on the opposing team for changing their lineup last minute. Mishelle, daughter of "El Piojo," took to Twitter to defend herself from the bashing his father and the team were taking and called the fans "stupid." "Let's see ti*s, this is the first match that we lose after 7 and it's a friendly and it was only be 1 goal. #Estupidos," she wrote. This outraged users and "La Piojita" suddenly became a trending topic on the social network as "Lady Pioja" insulting her and her bad spelling.

It didn't take long for people to react and throw some negative comments her way. "I never said that they played well. They played horribly but that is what these practice games are for, to learn from mistakes," Mishelle tweeted. "I only ask you to please stop insulting me. I don't run, I don't play, I don't make up the lineup. I am just like all of you, a fan that watches the game." She went on to apologize for the incident writing, "I accept that I messed up. I acted without thinking. I was just tired of all the insults throughout the match and I am sorry." Although she did ask for people to stop, she kept a sense of humor throughout the charade, "They hacked my account, it wasn't me." In reference to the way people try to get out of it when they make an error. See those hilarious memes here!