Cinco de Mayo is a day of fun celebrations across the United States. However, when a lot of tequila is involved, things can get a little messy  and, for some, embarrassing. For those of you out there planning a big Cinco de Mayo celebration, Latin Times has come up with something of a "What Not to Wear" to avoid embarrassment and offense at all costs. While it is often tempting to just go all out Mexican, going into stereotypes is just not funny and can come off as racist.

1. The Sleazy Mexican. There is so much going wrong here it's difficult to know where to start. Eight shot glasses? Seriously? I mean, we are all for having a good time, but portraying a Mexican as a drunken sleaze is just offensive. The fake mustache, the cheap sarape, it's all just a bit of a miss. Enjoy some nice tequila, have a taco or two, but please, please, no bandoleers. 2. Maracas. These are just a general no under the best of circumstances. And on Cinco de Mayo it's a HELL NO.

3. The Sl*tty Señorita. Well here's the thing. You get points for trying. But a trashy señorita is no way to start the day. Wear a traditional Mexican dress -- they are beautiful. But this kind of trashy outfit is better left for Halloween when every girl gets an excuse to dress like a ... well, just watch Mean Girls. 4. The Baby Chile. Cinco de Mayo is not a kid's holiday. It's a drinking and partying holiday. Dressing your kid up as a chili, a taco or any other Mexican item does not make it ok to bring him to the cantina.

5. Sombreros. OK, we know you've just been waiting for an excuse to whip out that sombrero you got on spring break in Cabo. But seriously, Mexicans don't even wear sombreros. And if they do, it's part of our tradition and heritage: pouring frozen margaritas out of a sombrero is just not cool. 6. Lucha Libre Mask. I mean, this is just not practical. It's fine if your a fan of 'El Rey,' but wearing a mask is hardly the kind of thing to do at an eating and drinking party. And it could get you arrested.

7. Sexy Sarapes. Sarapes are just not sexy. So just don't try. Seriously, there is nothing about this ensemble that is pleasant and it's actually a little offensive. If you do end up with a poncho, please, please make sure you are wearing something underneath it -- no one wants to see that at 4 a.m. And speaking of which, 8. Passed Out Mexican. We know that despite our advice you probably are going to end up in a ridiculous outfit. But please, try and keep sober enough to get home in one piece. We have enough trouble fighting the drunk Mexican stereotype. No one wants to stumble across this on their way to work.

Images courtesy of Shutterstock.