LOS ANGELES - Latina pop-star, Christina Milian showed off her vocal talents in front of 50,000 people at the Dodgers vs. Rockies game on Saturday night. Milian sang a great rendition of the national anthem and received a rousing ovation from the home crowd.

Milian who is a Cuban-American Grammy nominated singer, has been in the limelight as of late. Many media outlets are reporting that the starlet is dating rapper Lil’ Wayne. The rumor that she was pregnant was denied by herself to Latin Times.

In addition to all the attention her new relationship has been receiving, Milian also is set to star in a new reality show for the E! network that is being produced by Actor, Kelsey Grammer. The show is about Milian’s life with her family and siblings. Milian’s mother is her manager and personal advisor, and there is sibling rivalry with her brother and sister who are also aspiring singers.

“We simply adore Christina,” said E! Executive vice-president, Jeff Olde. “She’s a young, vibrant and a highly accomplished artist who has a hectic life balancing the glitz and glamour of celebrity, and the rough and tumble world of hip-hop, with the more relatable moments of being a mom, newly back on the dating scene, and trying to make things better for her family.”

Television crews and cameras were on hand at the game to catch all the drama, tension and excitement between Milian and her family as she sang the national anthem. Milian was a social media correspondent for NBC’s The Voice and was a contestant on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars last season. Milian’s new show is called, Cristina Milian Turned Up, and is set to premiere early next year.