"De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero" is Univision's new primetime telenovela that stars Livia Brito, Juan Diego Covarrubias and Cynthia Klitbo. The Televisa production is a remake of the Valentina Parraga original "Carita Pintada" that aired in Venezuela in 1999 on RCTV. "De Que Te Quiero" has been a solid hit in Mexico's Canal de las Estrellas outperforming primetime telenovelas like "La Tempestad" with William Levy and "Libre Para Amarte" with Gloria Trevi during its initial months. Due to its success the soap was extended to keep the momentum of the storyline that the audience was fascinated by.

Brito and Covarrubias both debut as leading stars in this telenovela by Lucero Suarez, who has produced "Las Dos Caras De Ana," "Querida Enemiga," and "Amorcito Corazón" among many more. Both young actors are supported by consolidated actors like Cynthia Klitbo, Aarón Hernán, Gerardo Murguía and the participations of Esmeralda Pimentel, Carlos Ferro and Marcelo Cordoba. This is the tale of Natalia and Diego, who meet and fall in love but has their fairytale romance come to a halt when Diego's evil twin brother Rodrigo pretends to be him and ruin the affair. "De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero" premieres on Monday, March 10 at 7pm ET/PT on Univision taking the place of "Mentir Para Vivir." Read the synopsis, watch the trailer down below and scroll-through the photo gallery above to familiarize yourself with this new telenovela before it airs!

SYNOPSIS: Natalia and Diego meet during the fishermen’s festivities in Tuxpan, Veracruz, in which Natalia will be crowned as queen. Love emerges between them from the very first moment. Both completely ignore everything about each other’s lives, which is not an obstacle for them to start a romance. For this reason, Natalia is not aware that Diego has a twin brother, Rodrigo, who has always competed against him. When Rodrigo learns that Diego has a new romance, he doesn’t hesitate to take his brother’s place and shows up pretending to be Diego on the night Natalia will be crowned. Naive, Natalia flows with the situation until she abruptly discovers that the only intention “Diego” has is to rape her. Luckily, her friend Andres appears to defend her, but during their struggle Rodrigo falls down and hits his head getting in a coma. Natalia and Andres run away believing he is dead; however, Natalia tells the truth to Carmen, who sends her away to live in Mexico City. Diego keeps the idea that Natalia only played with his feelings and ran away with someone else since he doesn’t see her again. 

Two years later, the Garcia family decides to move to Mexico. Carmen, who has been a persevering woman her entire life and does anything to get her kids ahead, decides to keep with her Veracruz style restaurant in the city. Natalia finds a job in “Caprico” industries and meets again with Diego Caceres, who is the company’s Vice-president. At first, Natalia escapes from him realizing she didn’t kill him, but terrified that he may try to rape her again out of revenge. Diego chases her searching for an explanation about her vanishing from town. Once they get to mildly clarify things, they seem impeded to restart their romance since Diego is married to Diana. Natalia decides to stay away from him and Caprico industries, but Carmen is victim of a drug dealer who frames her and she is put into jail because of that. The only way to get her out of prison is by taking the help offered by Diego. In order to pay him every penny, Natalia takes the Job in Caprico, next to him. 

When Diana finds out that Diego’s new secretary is his old and true love, she declares war to Natalia, having Grandpa Vicente Caceres as her ally since he deeply hates her. However, the return of Irene Caceres gives Natalia her biggest ally. Between Natalia and Irene emerges an immediate empathy, ignoring this is the encounter between a mother and a daughter. 

Diana, who has refused to give Diego the divorce by manipulating him with the baby she is carrying, has gone completely mad and tries to kill Natalia, causing an accident in which she is the one who ends up losing her life. To Natalia and Diego this gives them the freedom to love each other, so they start making plans to get married immediately; however, their plans seem frustrated because Rodrigo wakes up from his coma and is ready to take revenge against Diego, whom he blames for his tragedy. His first objective is Natalia, so he takes advantage of a little accident that Diego has to take his place again, taking Diego into his hospital bed and provoking him a coma. This way, he gets to cheat Natalia again who accepts to marry him. 

Irene finds out that her daughter, who she thought to be dead, is alive and that it was her father, Vicente, who asked a worker to get rid of her. Overtime, she discovers her daughter is Natalia. On the other hand, when Carmen sees Natalia’s joy is slipping away little by little due to the adversities, she decides to confess her the truth about her origins, revealing Natalia who her mother is. 

Finally, the time for destiny to get a payback for Rodrigo’s evilness has come, and in one last desperate attempt to get Natalia, he loses the game and dies during a fight with his twin brother. This is how Diego and Natalia have the chance to be together again, and this time, they are both ready to fight for the love they feel for each other. 

Livia Brito (Natalia): She is a naive and joyful young woman. Carmen found her at a Church’s crib, and ever since then, she has been a real mother to her. Natalia falls in love with Diego Caceres, ignoring he has a twin brother, Rodrigo. This is how Natalia gets to know evil, since Rodrigo will do anything to have her. She will have to overcome every obstacle she finds in her way to enjoy the happiness next to Diego and her real mother.

Juan Diego Covarrubias (Diego): He is a young engineer with honest feelings. He falls in love with Natalia at the fishermen’s festivities in Veracruz, where his family owns a family estate. Immediately, a true and deep love emerges between them; however, the eternal competition his twin brother Rodrigo has with him, makes Rodrigo take his place in front of Natalia from the very first encounters, causing her a shock which separates them for a long time. When they get to meet again, love revives between them, but he is already married. Again, destiny puts their love to a test. After his wife Diana dies, Diego and Natalia will have a second chance to be happy, but they will have to overcome many obstacles to achieve it.

Juan Diego Covarrubias (Rodrigo): He is a seductive young man with an unkind heart and no qualms. He is Diego’s twin brother who has always had a strong competition with him. When Diego falls in love with Natalia, Rodrigo decides to rape her but he suffers an accident that gets him in a coma for two years. When he wakes up and recovers his memory, he distorts the events and gets back to life determined to take revenge against his brother. Obsessed with Natalia more than ever, he takes advantage of an accident Diego has and makes him take his place at the hospital. This way, he gets to frame Natalia and marry her, getting rid of anyone who can reveal his true identity. When Diego recovers, Rodrigo will have to come face to face with his brother.

Cynthia Klitbo (Carmen): She is a lively, joyful woman who loves her family and is so naively in love with love that she has had a kid from each of her lovers. Four of them are hers, but her heart is so big that she didn’t hesitate to take Natalia in, turning her into her child, like the rest. When her life seemed to be dedicated to her job and her family, destiny surprises her by making her run into each of her children’s fathers. However, she is clever enough to just fool them in order to get anything she can from them and guarantee her kids’ future; in fact, her true love is Eleazar, who has always been with her in good or bad.

Marcelo Córdoba (Eleazar): He is the State Police Captain. He is an honest and efficient man at work. He has been friend of Carmen since childhood; he has always been near her and her family supporting her and helping her overcome every legal or romantic trouble she gets into. He is in love with Carmen, although he keeps it in secret. When he finally decides to open up his heart to her and Carmen dares to correspond to him, he is forced to back out because each of her kids’ fathers come back like a horde. Even so, their love remains intact and they finally get to marry, thus, achieving their dreams.

Esmeralda Pimentel (Diana): She is a high-society, frivolous and capricious youngster. Her biggest whim has always been Diego, with whom she manages to marry despite being aware he is not in love with her. When Diego reencounters with Natalia, she becomes her worst rival. When Diego finds out Diana has an affair with Oliverio, he files for divorce but she takes advantage of her pregnancy to avoid the separation. She turns into a blackmailer and manipulates with the anorexia she suffers since she was very young, a disease that kills her baby, and somehow kills her too because it transforms her in every way. She ends up dying at the murder attempt she provokes herself against Natalia and Diego.

Aarón Hernán (Vicente): He is a successful business man, controlling and arrogant. He needs to have power in order to feel comfortable, and he always has to say the last word. His grandson, Rodrigo, is his favorite and he suffers for seeing him in a coma. Above all, he is concerned about his family’s good name to be intact and he has never been able to accept that Irene got pregnant with Tadeo’s baby, so he locked her up at his estate. His true intention was to take her baby off her and give it away; however, destiny plays against him and the baby falls in the best hands because Natalia turns out to be that baby. In the end, the big truth comes out and this old man’s wickedness is revealed.

Gerardo Murguía (Tadeo): He is a successful fine artist. When he was still unknown in the arts scene he met Irene and they fell in love, but in order to get his career ahead he took a scholarship to study abroad and moved away from her ignoring that she was pregnant with his child. When they meet again, he realizes his love for her is intact and tries to get back to her, but she rejects him convincingly. When he learns they had a daughter who they believe to be dead, both are united by a true friendship. When they discover their daughter didn’t die and she is Natalia, Tadeo is already victim of a terrible disease. Finally, he dies surrounded by the two women of his life who scatter his ashes in a beautiful art center where he rests for good.

Carlos Ferro (Alonso): He is a friend of Diego and Rodrigo from childhood. He is discreet and cold-blooded; he hides a very romantic personality. He has been in love with Irene Caceres forever, she considers her to be unattainable because of the age difference between them and due to her kinship with his friend Diego. He only dares to declare his love for her when Irene becomes his patient and gets very close to him. Ready to defeat the barriers and prejudices, he fights for her until the very end. Alonso and Irene end up together and ready to live their love freely.

Marisol Del Olmo (Irene): She is a woman marked by her destiny. She lost her mother the moment she was born, and she was adopted by Amalia, who gave her all her love until the day she died. From then on, daily coexistence with her father turned into a living hell since his rejection was pretty evident. The lost of her little girl makes her look for refugee in alcohol from which she recovers with Alonso’s support, a man a little younger than her but who has always loved her. Unfortunately she cannot correspond to him because Tadeo, her first love and father to her supposedly dead daughter, reappears. Time after, Tadeo dies but life compensates for all her suffering bringing her daughter Natalia back to her.