El Chapo Guzmán Sons Show Off Cars, Weapons On Twitter After Arrest Of ‘Mayo’ Zambada At Border


After a high-ranking member of the Sinaloa drug cartel, Serafín Zambada, was arrested at the US-Mexico border near Nogales, Arizona, it was discovered that his son "Mayo" Zambada had been showing off a vast array of sports cars, diamonds and other luxury items on his Twitter account.  Now, a similar taste for presumption on the part of two of the sons of Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán, Mexico's most wanted man and Sinaloa cartel kingpin, has come to light, with Mexican media reporting on Twitter accounts @AlfredoGuzma and @_ivanguzman_, which are presumed to belong to Iván and Alfredo Guzmán.  Hit the slideshow above to see photos.

On the account @AlfredoGuzma can be read posts in which the user, presumed to be Alfredo Guzmán, brags about the apparent abundance of women who message him and the rash of luxury items in his possession.  More chillingly, the account features one photo, dated Nov. 5, what appear to be members of the Mexican military surrounding a vehicle on a dirt road, along with the caption, "Para los que pisan terreno ajeno mi comando armado activo" ("For those who step onto foreign soil, my active armed commando"). 

Other posts by "Alfredo Guzmán" include photos of a lion cub sprawled on a sofa and a cheetah cub crouched on the dashboard of a sports car, as well as a man (with face obscured) posing with an AK-47 machine gun with an extended nose.  In another, a pistol can be seen held alongside a bag of popcorn and a box of nachos and cheese.  "Here at the movies well disguised," the user wrote, "and I've got a little toy with me if anyone gets excited."  And in another photo, the caption indicates that a figure seen in the background is El Chapo himself.

According to ADN Politico, the Mexican department of Justice (PGR) has indicated that the last photo could be taken as a "clue" for investigations into the whereabouts of El Chapo if it is determined to be authentic, although the PGR also called for restraint in evaluating the material.  The photos come to light shortly after Carlos Roberto Funes, vice minister in Honduras' defense department, admitted that El Chapo "could be in Honduras", where the Sinaloa Cartel is known to have established considerable connections.  "We now have between 180 and 200 illegal air strips in the country," Funes told Spanish newspaper El Mundo.  "They're air strips of a kilometer in length, but recently we found one which was 2.5 kilometers long.  The cartels are preparing to bring in bigger planes."

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David Iaconangelo is a Brooklyn-based writer and translator.  Formerly editor of ZafraLit, a blog of new short fiction from Cuba.  He has lived in and reported from various Latin American countries.