If you are Latino, chances are you grew up watching "El Chavo" and know all the characters' names, what makes them tick and their catchphrases. The "El Chavo del 8" program united the whole family as its humor was made for all ages. That was the beauty of this show as it was relatable to everyone.

The format of the show was very predictable and we knew that when they were playing with water, or paint or some liquid, it was eventually going to splat all over one of the characters. The show had at its core center an orphan kid who lived in an apartment complex inside a barrel. "El Chavo" was a little careless and often got into mischief and hilarious situations. Nobody knew where he came from but he often showed up and all he wanted to do was be part of the fun and excitement surrounding "la vecindad."

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"El Chavo" spans over four decades and has crossed generations. Re-runs keep the original show alive and a cartoon spinoff has been created for new generatations to come. A new line of toys from this new series is being launched soon and taps into the nostalgia of the passionate fans that have fond memories of these characters growing up.

Who didn't break mother's flower vase and tried to fix it without her noticing? Who doesn't run away from the landlord? Every neighborhood has a creepy house and you swear that a "bruja" (witch) lives there. These are the types of memories that "El Chavo" brings back to us as viewers which relate back to our own personal life.

What memories do you have of "El Chavo del 8"? Sound off and share with us below and scroll-through our gallery above with the "El Chavo Toys" coming soon.

Check out the video below with fans answering why they love "El Chavo."