Celine Dion

From Ariana To Selena: Who Could Play Celine Dion?

Now that the filmmakers have access to documents from Celine Dion’s early life, the question now is who will play Dion herself? After Angelina Jolie turns down the role, the casting is now wide...

Chris Hemsworth Could Be Replaced As Thor By These Actors

Avengers: Endgame has proven to be a colossal cinematic achievement, but it’s also a farewell of sorts to some Avengers cast members. And it may seem like a complete absurdity, but Chris Hemsworth...
Avengers Cast and Crew

Which Marvel Hero Has The Highest Tag Price?

For those who wonder how much Marvel Studios is paying the actors portraying the characters in the MCU films, below is a list. This is based on reported rates from starred films, the “Avengers”...