Can a car become a work of art? Absolutely. After all, isn't that why you clicked on the article? Falken Motorsports has recently released two stunning photos to showcase its Porsche 911 GT3 RSR and we're just breathtaken by the composition of the two photographs. 

Falken Motorsport arrived at Germany's Mainz container yard to shoot the raw GT3 RSR in gritty industrial surroundings. Photographer Frederic Schlosser was employed to capture the perfect shot. Ultimately, the result of the Falken Motorsport Porsche GT3 RSR photo shoot are two incredible images that evoke the passion of the Falken race team. But how did Schlosser do it?

Detailers prepped the car, the camera crew rigged the lighting, and even a water hose was used to create a dramatic rain effect. We thought the rain was real! All in all, the expensive and wildly meticulous process took Schlosser and his crew a total of eight hours, working until 2 in the morning.

Be sure to watch the video below to see how photographer Frederic Schlosser was able to take the incredible photos. The video was filmed by Yannick Wolff.

Making Of - Falken Motorsports Photoshoot by Frederic Schlosser Photography from Yannick Wolff on Vimeo.