The world's favorite car color is white, says vehicle paint supplier company PPG. Of course, this hardly comes as a surprise as the Detroit Free Press reports white as the most popular vehicle color for three consecutive years. 

According to PPG's data, the popularity of white vehicles have increased 3 percent from the last year and now represents 25 percent of all new cars. One out of every four car buyers in the world choose white. Past favorite car colors silver and black are currently tied for second at 18 percent.

Geographically, white is the favorite car color of North America, Europe and Asia, while South America favors silver. 21 percent of cars are white in North America while 19 percent are black, 17 percent are gray, and 15 percent are silver. Other popular colors include red, beige and natural hues, blue, and green.

"It's a clean look consumers are starting to link white with technology," said PPG senior vice president Cindy Niekamp on the global popularity of the color white. The universal appreciation of Apple designed products have made the color white synonymous with technology. What's more, the variety of whites, from matte shades to pearlescents are also making the color more desirable. 

"We see growth in the variety of whites being offered to consumers," said Jane Harrington, PPG manager of color styling. Of course, creativity isn't only limited to the favorite car color. "Car manufacturers are seeking ways to create variations of white, silver, black and gray that are specific to their brands and that complement different vehicle types."

As for future trends, automakers are currently preparing color variations for models as far as 2016 and 2017. According to Jan Harrington, jewel-like colors like rich emerald greens and deep purples will be popular.

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