The 2014 FIFA World Cup has ended with a victory to Germany. The month-long soccer tournament has woken up the nostalgia in all of us as we look back and reminisce on all the amazing moments this sport gifted us. Those that were part of the broadcast are feeling extra sad as they pack up and leave Brazil after working day and night living and reporting soccer. One Univision television presenter took to his Twitter account to give insight on those feelings and possibly say goodbye to the network. We are talking about "Republica Deportiva" host Fernando Fiore. The tv personality was sentimental on his last day in the South American country and dropped a huge bomb, that he might be given a red card with a pass out of the network. "The night is long, but I don't want to end this day without thanking, from the bottom of heart, everybody that participated in this month-long World Cup," Fiore tweeted. "Personally, this was my seventh World Cup with Univision and most likely the last one for now." Scroll-through the gallery above for the original tweets!

If we thought there was drama on the playing field, it seems like there was even more drama behind the cameras. "I put my heart and soul in this project, a project of more than 25 years of my life," he continued. "I have lived through it all, like life itself. As the saying goes, nobody is made of gold to be liked by everybody. 25 years is a lot of time in which I have hit the mark and made mistakes. I thank all the praise and forgiveness for all the times I made a mistake." The drama with the Spanish-language network seems to have heated up. It is known that the network has been going through a transitory phase and have discarded many of the talent that have served for many years in favor of fresh faces. "I am only sure of one thing...," Fiore added. "I have never envied my colleagues. I tried to better myself and sometimes I was successful. I never wished bad upon anybody. For all of this, I want to thank God, life, Univision, my true friends and the people that trusted me and many other things that I had the pleasure of working and with time became my friends."

"Very important, I want to thank all of the people, that received me with open arms in 1998 and even now after 25 years continue to do so around the world. Family, friends, colleagues, if I forgot about anybody, I apologize. See you soon. May God bless always bless you." Fiore continued retweeting messages of support, asking why he was leaving or telling him how the sports show on Univision will not be the same without him. One thing is for sure, Univision doesn't have the rights to the World Cup anymore. Starting with the 2018 cup to be held in Russia, Telemundo will air the tournament in the U.S., at least through 2022. Could it be that he wants to exit now to maybe score a spot in the Telemundo team to get an all-expenses paid trip to Russia? Or could it be that he is being ousted in favor of younger talent? Will you miss Fernando Fiore on Univision if he leaves? Sound-off on the comments below!