Ferrari is without equal in the hearts of its adoring fans. Ferrari's position in the auto industry is without substitute. The Ferrari brand identity is sacred for Italy. Yet somehow, Ferrari never ceases to carry its heritage in stride while continuing to pioneer cutting edge automotive performance.

According to rumors, the successor to the Ferrari California will be the first to receive a new turbo Ferrari engine. Writer Paul Horrell of Top Gear spoke with Ferrari CEO Amadeo Felisa to understand the state of Ferrari in the near future.

"Turbocharging and direct gasoline injection is the right way for performance without a payment in consumption," explained Felisa. To get the same performance with naturally aspirated engines at the same consumption is difficult. Today's California doesn't lack performance. To evolve performance as we have the past four or five years, turbo is a solution."

Despite Ferrari's eagerness to adopt turbocharging, something the make hasn't done since the Ferrari F40 supercar more than 25 years ago, the technology strongly clashes against its sonorous heritage of shrieking V8 and cacophonic V12 engines. Naturally, Horrell asked whether turbos in Ferrari engines will compromise the musical production and the sharp throttle response. 

"LaFerrari was done to research hybrids. But it's not affordable on our normal cars," explained Felisa. "You don't need an electric motor to offset turbo lag. You can do it in another way." Felisa suggests that Ferrari engineers have found a way to have it all but stopped short on explaining how. Of course, the CEO knows to keep it a secret.

If pictures are worth a thousand words, then a video of a turbocharged Ferrari being tested should be worth a million. Be sure to check out the video below: