The new 2014 Ferrari F14 T Formula 1 car unveiled this morning. In our opinion, the Ferrari has executed the best nose design of all the 2014 season F1 cars unveiled thus far. According to Ferrari, the F14 T name represents the year of the race car's construction and its application of turbocharging in the new V6 engine.

The gestation period of a new Formula One car usually takes just a little more than twelve months to complete. However, Ferrari begun its F14 T project in anticipation more than two years ago. For Formula 1, the rules and regulations of the 2014 season will require engineers to reinvent what it means to build a fast car.

Some of the changes are very obvious. The new nose is implemented to meet the latest safety standards imposed for 2014. In the event of a side strike, a lower nose will minimize the likelihood that a nose will strike the racing driver.

The rear wing is redesigned for the 2014 Ferrari F14 T as well. New rules limit the depth of the rear wing. What's more, regulations will also require the removal of a lower airfoil. The change also requires a central structure to support the main profile of the wing.

Changes under the skin include the integration of a turbocharged V6 powerplant. Smaller dimensions also mean he use of smaller radiators and smaller but wider side pods. However, engineers must also package in intercooler set up for the turbo system as well. Finally, the new ERS (Energy Recovery System) will require higher amounts of heat dissipation compared to the previous KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) system.

The 2014 rules and regulations will require the new F1 cars to meet the minimum weight of 691 kg. Pirelli has prepared new tires for the year as well. No doubt, every modification done to the new cars will spell significantly different outcomes for the new season.

Do you think the new 2014 Ferrari F14 T has what it takes the win the Formula 1 title this year? Which race team will you be supporting? Let us know in the comments below!