The search for the perfect gift for your valentine can be difficult, you want your partner to be impressed, feel loved, and have a romantic Valentine’s Day but if you are short on ideas, then this list of must haves may not be easy to accomplish. The holiday, though filled with love, comes with a lot of pressure, and that only heightens the stress of finding the ideal gift. That’s why, we have collected 11 perfect presents for your loved ones, which will not only make the receiver happy, but also make your happy by simplifying your search!

The first step to wowing your girlfriend or wife this Valentine’s Day is to think about your partner, simply we know, but to give someone a great gift you have to know what they like and what they want. For this reason, our gift guide is expansive with something for everyone, if your valentine tends to gravitate towards things that sparkle, than jewelry may be the perfect choice. But if you’re partner tends to enjoy serenity and peace, than candles and beauty bath products will ensure a night of luxurious relaxation. Our gift guide includes products that are both sexy and sweet, from Origami Owl, David’s Bridal, Kat Burki, Jurlique, Hey Gorgeous, Gwendolyn Mary, Eklexic, and La Vie Boheme Yoga!

Another way to impress your loved one on Valentine’s Day is by making her feel beautiful, dresses from Hey Gorgeous, jewelry from David’s Bridal and Origami Owl, beauty products from Jurlique, and fragrances from Kat Burki, are all excellent gifts that make the receiver feel like a new woman. Now of course giving the gift of beauty can be tricky, you dont want to send the wrong message and I wouldn’t suggest it for a new relationship, but for a long time valentine, making her feel pretty is one of the best ways to say, “I love you.” Check out our gift guide to find a present that will leave your valentine feel like she has been struck with cupid’s arrow, we guarantee it!