Flappy Bird is the latest game phenomenon for mobile devices and has everyone addiced. The game is simple, all you have to do is tap the screen and have "flappy" go through pipes without crashing into them. How difficult can that be, right? As it turns out, it is extremely a hard game as you have to be very precise or else it is game over for you. With Valentine's Day coming up, gamers have been inspired by their love of the app and have created really "punny" cards that will inspire you for this holiday. Scroll-through our photo gallery above and check some of the funniest! WARNING: Some puns are a little racy, so if you're easily offended by sexual innuendos, don't click.

Flappy Bird has had users frustrated to the point of throwing the phone up against walls due to the level of difficulty the game represents. The nature of the app is simple and anyone can grasp the concept and that is what makes everyone furious. How can a game that reminds us of Mario Bros. in their 8-bit glory be not enjoyable? A reason is that it is easy to have our bird flop and nose-dive down to the ground after hitting a pipe. Once that happens, our flying friend doesn't start where he left off, it starts right at the beginning. What frustrastes users is that most can't even get past the first pipe before being shamed by the developers with a big text that screams "game over."

"Flappy Bird" was created by Vietnamese developer, Dong Nguyen, who created the game in 2-3 days. "I made the game alone," he told Chocolate Lab Apps. "The bird in Flappy Bird, I actually drew in 2012 to use in a platformer game but the project was cancelled. In my games, there is no impossible situations that players cannot pass.The game has used little to no promotion and has become a viral hit thanks to social networks. Nguyen added, "I didn’t use any promotion methods. All accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram about Flappy Bird are not mine. The popularity could be my luck."