The World Cup 2014 has reached its quarterfinal stages and despite my disappointment over the United States elimination, that does mean I won’t be watching. France and Germany, both consequently old “rivals” of the USA, we are talking about you “Freedom Fries” will be facing off today in the first quarter final match set to kick off at 12:00 p.m. in Estádio Maracanã, Rio de Janeiro.

So what can we expect from these two teams, well both superpowers soccer clubs have been among the eight teams that have won the World Cup before, making it more surprising that this game will be the first time the two teams have ever faced each other in a World Cup game. With a chance to the semifinals on the line, fans should expect this game to be a hardly fought battle, World War II pun intended. These two teams are so exceptional; SB Nation even states “it's easy to envisage either side going on to lift the trophy in the Maracanã in less than two weeks time.”

So with both teams ripe to take the semifinal spot and thus the final trophy, what are fans to do. Well make fun of each other’s team, duh! Internet memes, mainly on Twitter, have been one of the best aspects of the World Cup games. It’s like the trash talk before the actual trash talk during the game. Despite the storied history of France and Germany these two clubs are no different when it comes to memes. Check out some the best France vs. Germany memes, tweets and even one pretty cool vine video! If we happened to miss any of the France vs. Germany memes we want to hear about it, comment below and let us know what hilarious meme, tweet or vine we have to be watching a head of the France vs. Germany quarterfinal game today!