Rockstar has embraced the mobile devices for this version of "GTA" and yesterday decided to release a complimentary app for "GTA V" called "Grand Theft Auto: iFruit." The app works in conjunction with "GTA V" and influences your experience with "GTA V." The "GTA: iFruit" app is split into several sections. Gamers who decide to download the new app will receive the latest "GTA V" news, they can login to the Rockstar Games Social Club and use the parody social network LifeInvader.

There are also creation and training options to take advantage of. The star attraction of "GTA: iFruit" however, is an app for Chop the Dog, who is listed as Franklin's companion on the App Store. You can feed him, play games with him and improve his overall happiness in the full game. This will make Chop more likely to attack enemies, sniff out secrets and more. You can also earn credits to get Chop new collars to wear.  

"GTA: iFruit" is a free app for iOS devices that is available for download right now through Apple's App store. If you're not able to play  "GTA V" throughout the day due to work, at least you can download the new app and train Chop and create a custom license plate on your lunch break or downtime.

In case you've been living under a rock and aren't aware, "Grand Theft Auto V" has released today September 17 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Make sure to check out the gallery above to take a look at the "Grand Theft Auto: iFruit" companion app.

Will you downloading the new "Grand Theft Auto: iFruit" companion app for your mobile device?

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