A music list is always difficult to make. There's always going to be somebody asking: "Why didn't you include Shakira"? or "Why did you choose 'Dynamo' from Soda Stereo instead of 'Sueño Stereo'? That's why Latin Times decided to do this list with the opinion of different experts in the subject. We asked Yuzzy Acosta, H.M.I.C. from Eclectic Media; Mariluz González, PR for Vesper Public Relationships, the staff over at Remezcla --Juan Data, PaolaPaola Capó-García, Amaya García, & Afroxande--  and our own Editor In Chief, Ernesto Sánchez, who wrote reviews for Rolling Stone Mexico and Sónika Magazine, to come up with their top Latin American albums according to their tastes.

Granted, that would present a huge challenge: which genres should we include? And moreover... from what era? We convened that the list should reflect only the alternative genre and should focus on modern albums. We also decided try to limit the number of albums by the same musician and not to judge by sales or marketing, but for what these albums really represent: the most significant recordings in the industry, albums that helped change the landscape with breakthrough sounds.

"These are the albums that represented a personal influence. As you can see, my selection speaks fo the Latino new wavers, but also, there are some albums that I would include in a time capsule to transport you to a specific era", says Yuzzy Acosta.

The order in which these albums are presented, is by number of votes.

While you navigate our slideshow, listen to the highlight of each recommended album below: