"American Horror Story: Coven" has made witches popular again this season with a modern take on the wicked world of witchcraft. These enchanters have long been seen as outcasts. The origins of witchery in Latin America come via Franciscan friars from New Spain introducing Diabolism to the indigenous people that were settled there. However, Spanish Inquisitors viewed the practice of witchery a problem and believed that this could be resolved by simple confession. Anthropologist Ruth Behar wrote in her book that witchcraft was the "conjecture of sexuality, witchcraft and religion, in which Spanish, indigenous and African cultures converged." Professor Laura Lewis said that witchcraft in colonial Mexico represented an "affirmation of hegemony" for women and Indians over the inquisitors. Today witchcraft is practiced with a various degree of magic, shamanism, folk medicine, spiritual healing that call the elements and spirits, veneration of ancient deities and archetypes, and attainment with the forces of nature. In fiction, witches have been portrayed in many forms, good and bad. Latin audiences have been exposed to these images through different mediums like series, movies and telenovelas. We have compiled 13 of the most wicked Latin witches:

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Alex from "Wizards of Waverly Place": Selena Gomez played this outgoing witch in the hit Disney Channel show. Alex is the middle child in her family and the only girl, she is smart, sly and sassy. The teenage witch is of Mexican descent on her mother's side and Italian on her father's side. Gomez's character on the show tends to be rude to her older brother Justin, which she does because she admires him and wishes to be like him. Some of the powers she possesses are spell-casting, creation of alternative realities, enchantment and the power of three when all three Russo siblings come together for greater power. Alex's powers are not as strong when she doesn't have a wand and useless against plastic.

Danna Paola as Elphaba on "Wicked": The Mexican adaptation of the musical "Wicked" opened in Mexico city this week to rave reviews. Danna Paola lends her voice and gets inside the skin of ths evil witch of the west singing songs like "Defying Gravity" and "No Good Deed." "Wicked" is a musical based on the 1995 Gregory Maguire novel, "Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West," a complimentary novel to L. Frank Baum's classic, "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz." The main story centers on two unlikely friends, Elphaba ("The Wicked Witch of the West") and Glinda ("The Good Witch of the North"). Both have very different personalities and points of view and start a rivalry when they both fall in love with the same guy.

La Bruja Del 71: The beloved resident of Apartment 71 in the "El Chavo" complex was played by Angelines Fernández. Her name was Doña Clotilde and she was not a real witch, but the kids from the complex called her that because she was old and grouchy. She did not like when the kids would get too loud and was never any fun. Her characteristic blue dress and funky hat makes her one of the most memorable "witches" in television history.

Hermelinda Linda: This witch was born as a satirical comic that was first published in 1965 and written by Oscar Gonzalez Guerrero. The protagonist of this comic was a physically ugly witch that worked under the orders of anybody that came in with money, although the results were less than perfect. The comic was geared towards adults as it featured heavily semi-nude characters and jokes with a double entendre. Most of the spells she practiced broke one of the Capital Sins. When this was taken to the big screen, Evita Muñoz "Cachita" played the titled character in two movies.

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Bernarda Sáenz from "La Otra": One of the last telenovelas produced by Ernesto Alonso was "La Otra" a story about a young woman that lives terrorized by her evil mother, Bernarda Sáenz. The witch-like villain was played by Jacqueline Andere in this dark soap. Bernarda was an ambitious women that loved the power and status that money gave her. When her husband died, he left both of their daughters the inheritance, which Saenz managed until they got married. This led her to supresse her daughters and make them live in fear of all the men just vying for their money. Her control over these women was incredible and made her one of the most evil antagonists in soap opera history.

Montserrat Torres-Oviedo from "Lola... Érase Una Vez": A modern twist to the classic story of "Cinderella" was the main plot of "Lola... Érase Una Vez" starring Eiza González. The classic tale is not complete without an evil step-monster and in this television series Lorena Herrera played the sexy Montserrat Torres-Oviedo. The money hungry and good for nothing Montse tries to secure her finances by pushing her eldest daughter into the arms of the handsome prince. Both mother and daughter scheme to make Lola's life miserable and a living hell to seperate the natual attraction between her and the prince.

Diana Salazar: In the memorable telenovela "El Extraño Retorno de Diana Salazar", during the 17th century the beautiful Leonor de Santiago is engaged to the handsom Don Eduardo de Carbajal and about to get married. However, the evil Lucrecia Treviño is also in love with Eduardo and will do anything to prevent their marriage. When an Inquisition representative arrives to Mexico, Lucrecia accuses Leonor of being a witch and being so stunned by the allegations, causes a chandelier to fall and injure guests with her eyes turning yellow. Both Eduardo and Leonor are taken by the Inquisition guards and die in a bonfire swearing eternal love to one another. 360 years later, Diana Salazar played by Lucía Méndez keeps having recurring dreams of a past life and later finds out Leonor reincarnated in her and everytime she has these dreams her eyes turn spooky yellow.

La Tia Alejandra: In this Arturo Ripstein horror film classic from 1979, Isabela Corona plays "La Tía Alejandra." A seemingly loving woman arrives at this family's home when strange things start happening. Alejandra suffers mood swings and strange occurences in her room cause the home to be on edge, especially when the eldest child rejects her. Aunt Alejandra begins to unknowingly destroy the family with diabolical acts and tries to teach the children witchcraft. When one of her nephews mocked her, she caused his death, when another one tried to make her go away, she choked him and when her niece tried to burn her face, she burned the entire room with the girl inside. Now you are left questioning what will happen when one of your relatives visits next time.

La tía Evangelina: Diana Bracho played Evangelina on the classic telenovela "Cadenas de Amargura" about a young girl that goes to live with her two aunts after her parents die in a car accident. While Cecilia's aunt Natalia is sweet and motherly, her aunt Evangelina is the complete opposite and lives with the bible and rosary in hand. The subtleness that Bracho gave this evil witch was made her even creepier. Evangelina is harsh with Cecilia, not letting her have a boyfriend and poisoning him to his death. Cecilia is unaware that she has an inheritance that her parents left for her that Evangelina is well aware of. It is later known that Evangelina treats Cecilia horrible because she is actually the daughter of her sister Natalia, whom she conceived out of wedlock and in sin. Evangelina ends up killing her own sister and other heinous acts, which she justified under God.

Mi pequeña mamá: This bewitching Telemundo series produced in Colombia starts off in the 1600's when four women (mother, her two daughters and a maid) are accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake. Now, in the 21st centure they have reincarnated with one small caveat. The mother is now a little girl while the two daughters are grown women. Despite their physical appearance they each know their place, at home, but it's another story when they have to face the real world. Not being able to tell society what happened, the witches get into crazy situations when the daughters are actually the ones that have to take care of her mother and enroll her in school.

Grachi: Isabella Castillo plays the titled role in this Nickelodeon series for Latin America. When Grachi enrolls as a new student at the Escolarium she has to deal with using her magic and trying to find out how to defeat the Principal, an evil witch who tries to steal Grachi's powers to gain more power. Graciela "Grachi" Alonso inherited her powers from her late mother. The series became so popular that it manage to score three seasons with more than 200 episodes produced.

Soraya Montenegro: Itatí Cantoral played this role in one of Thalía's "María" trilogy, "María la del Barrio." Soraya is a woman that always gets what she wants and is niece of Don Fernando and Victoria de la Vega. Her ultimate plan is to marry Luis Fernando de la Vega, played by Fernando Colunga, but for that she will have to get Maria out of the way. This villain stops at nothing and puts Maria through some hard times and even survives jumping off a three-story building. Things heat up when Maria's son "Nandito" grows up and Soraya becomes obsessed with him. By this time she had married a man who later died and left her with his disabled daughter. Nandito and the girl become an item and Soraya goes ballistic making the girls life a living hell, torturing her with a tarantula and humiliating her every chance she gets. Soraya ends up killing her own mother and herself accidentally when she burns herself after fighting with Maria. Soraya has become an icon in social media and is still remembered fondly until this day.

Catalina Creel: Whenever someone asks who is the top villain and witch of all telenovelas, only one name and face come to mind... Catalina Creel from "Cuna de lobos". The conniving mother with an eye patch was played by the legendary Maria Rubio. This mother will not let anybody get in her way, playing an innocent victim in front of her family and stabbing people in the back when no one is looking. For many years, Creel fooled her family that she had lost an eye, but this was not true as she only did it to gain compassion from everyone. Catalina's unnatural devotion to her only son, commits a series of murders like her own husband Carlos after he uncovered what a evil witch she was. Not only that she also played and participated in the abduction of a child to ensure her son's inheritance.