The rumor that Apple's next device may actually be named the iPhone 5C seems to be more and more likely. An enterprising case manufacturer has released a set of "iPhone 5C" cases on The three cases that come in black, navy and white appear to be in line with the low-cost iPhone dimensions that were leaked by another case maker in June.

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The new low-cost iPhone or plastic iPhone or now even the iPhone 5C is expected to be similar in size to the current iPhone 5 though with a rounded polycarbonate shell that comes in a wide array of colors.

It is not unusual for case manufacturers to use rumored case specs ahead of production releases to get the jump on competitors. However, creating a case based on rumored specs is always a gamble for obvious reasons. What if the next device Apple releases is in fact not what has been rumored?

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Macrumors reports a report emerged yesterday from the China Labor Watch claiming poor working conditions inside Pegatron, which is one of Apple's Assembly partners. The complaint confirmed production of a "plastic iPhone." The quote comes from a production worker whose job was to place protective film onto the rear shell of the device before the part enters the assembly process:

"Today's work is to paste protective film on the iPhone's plastic back cover to prevent it from being scratched on assembly lines. This iPhone model with a plastic cover will soon be released on the market by Apple. The task is pretty easy, and I was able to work independently after a five-minute instruction from a veteran employee. It took around a minute to paste protective film on one rear cover. The new cell phone has not yet been put into mass production, so quantity is not as important. This makes our job more slow paced than in departments that have begun mass production schedules."

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Apple's next iPhone is expected to be announced in the coming months and released towards the end of September or early October.