iPhone 6 Memes, Reactions: 12 Ways Apple Hype Is Getting Out Of Hand

The Apple event was aggravating, to say the least. As Twitter user evrnmrve said, "well in 1969 NASA managed to live stream the moon landing. maybe #applelive should have pre-recorded." Despite the headache-inducing live coverage, we did manage to learn a few things.

First, the standard iPhone 6 will cost $200 for 16 GB, $300 for 64 GB, and $400 for 128 GB, with a two year contract. The larger 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus is priced at $300 for 16 GB, $400 for 64 GB, and $500 for 128 GB. All iPhones will be available in silver, gold, and black. The iPhone 6 pre-orders begin Friday Sept. 12. The official iPhone 6 release date is Friday, Sept. 19.

Apple has unveiled the new "iWatch" as well. The new Apple Watch will boast the much-hyped sapphire crystal screen as well as wireless charging. What's more, a digital crown reinvents the classic Apple click wheel. Users can turn the crown to scroll or to zoom without the finger obstructing the Apple Watch's gorgeous display.

Enthusiastic Apple fans and snarky Apple critics alike took onto Twitter to share their reactions to the Apple event and the newly introduced products. Without further ado, be sure to check out the memes below and get a laugh at the new iPhone 6 and Apple Watch!



iPhone 6 Event meme 8

Call this the iPhone 6 screen of death! Twitter

iPhone 6 Event meme 3

We're losing our minds. Thanks for nothing, Apple live stream. Twitter

iPhone 6 Event meme 5

UGH, the Apple live stream is killing us slowly. Twitter

iPhone 6 Event meme 1

Even when you finally get the Apple live stream, you cannot win. Twitter

iPhone 6 Event meme 0

With all the glitches in the live stream, the event might as well be this: Twitter

iPhone 6 Event meme 2

The awful live stream coverage just gave AAPL investors a mini-heart-attack. Twitter

iPhone 6 Event meme 4

The 16 GB 5.5-inch iPhone 6 + starts at over $900. OMG, why?! Twitter

iPhone 6 Event meme 6

Cash at hand! Twitter

iPhone 6 Event meme

Whoa, too soon?! Twitter

iPhone 6 Event meme

The inevitable truth. Twitter

Kramer iPhone6

Look who's first on line! Twitter

iPhone 6 zombies

The rest of the line by the Apple Store is going to look like this. Twitter