Joan Sebastian was one of Mexico's biggest musical icons and his life and legacy will be honored with his own tv series. "En La Vida De... Joan Sebastian" had been filming in Taxco, Guerrero for the better part of this year and concluded production this week. To celebrate the end, producer Carla Estrada organized an event where the cast and crew shared their best moments for one last time. The biographical series will consist of 18 episodes and will air later this year. Scroll-through the gallery above to see photos of the organized event.

José Manuel Figueroa will honor his father by playing him during his adult years. "Thank you to every single one of you the scenes were great and they got to my soul," he said addressing the cast and crew. For Figueroa it must have been difficult to portray his late father while he was still grieving his loss. There was no one else in the production that would understand him more than his younger brother Julián Figueroa, who will also play Sebastian, but during his younger years. "We are going to continue with the story of Joan Sebastian," Julián said. "We are good people, we fight to portray a good image, for the great education that our father gave us." He ended his speech by address his older brother and saying, "it was an honor to work with you."

Carla Estrada, who has produced some of the most epic Mexican telenovelas like "Amor Real," "Lazos De Amor," "El Privilegio De Amar," to name a few, is behind this television series. She said that in order to make this show happen she had to immerse herself into the life of Joan Sebastian. Estrada mentioned that she ended up admiring him and hopes that the series helps to underand and value the legacy of Joan Sebastian as an artist and human. "En La Vida De... Joan Sebastian" will also feature Lumi Cavazos, Arcelia Ramírez, Ernesto D'Alessio, Diego de Erice, Mike Biagio, Zaide Silvia Gutiérrez, Adalberto Parra, Juan Pablo Gil, Amelia Zapata, Martín Altomaro, Ximena Martínez, Viviana Serna, Ana Laura Gallardo, Alejandra Robles Gil, Palmeira Cruz and Abril Rivera.