This was probably the worst season of “The Bachelor.” At first we were all swooned by Juan Pablo Galavis’ sexy accent and great looks, but as the show progressed, and we began to see the real him, we realized that some men are just not meant to be on TV for their own sake. I guess Juan Pablo didn’t get his “How To Be A Reality TV Star 101” class and failed in every way possible both in and out of the show. It seems that no one told him that when you’re in the spotlight you’re being closely followed, and unfortunately, people just wait for you to make a mistake, that’s why most celebs try to be as careful with their actions or comments, regardless of their cultural background.

But it wasn’t only his comments off the air that made him the talk of the moment, but also his way of treating the girls in the show, pretending to listen to them but not really doing so, always replying with an “es ok” but not giving a solid comment, and using his “honesty” as a way to cover up the fact that he was just being an “a**hole,” like one of the contestants clearly called him before packing her bags and dumping him. 

But besides being cocky, arrogant, entitled, calling gays “perverts” and later using the “R” word on Twitter and claiming it was ok in Venezuela to use it, among other things, Juan Pablo sure will go on in history as one of the most memorable bachelor, for all the wrong reasons. And let’s not even begin on his behavior during the “After The Rose Ceremony” show. Even host Chris Harrison, who is usually very polite and diplomatic, was getting visibly annoyed by Juan Pablo’s answers, his inability to fully respond a question and his struggle to keep his life “private,” which after appearing in a reality TV show, is something quite impossible.

And to top it all off, as a way to flip the finger to ABC’s executives and producers who put on the show, he posted a picture on social media with the girl he chose, Nikki Ferrell, captioning it “We are FREE.” Only time (and paparazzi, blogs, social media and other news outlets) will tell if Bachelor alums Sean and Catherine Lowe’s advice to Juan Pablo was right. The newlyweds tried to explain to Juan Pablo that privacy is a concept that doesn’t exist when you sign up for reality TV.

Meanwhile, scroll through our pictures to see the best memes that came out of the show. Possibly the only good thing to come out of this season.