Karla Álvarez, Mexican actress, has died at the age of 41 after suffering from a respiratory failure. The actress was known to play the villain in telenovelas and her last melodrama was in this year's "Qué Bonito Amor" where she played a prostitute named "Irasema." It was rumored that Álvarez had been battling with alcoholism and an alleged eating disorder, and earlier reports this year had rumors circulating that she was being forced out of the telenovela because her addictions were affecting her reliability at work. Karla had great talent and if you ask any telenovela lover to rate her work, you will always receive positive reviews. Let us honor Karla's career and remember the telenovelas that made her the start that now shines bright in the sky. RELATED: Karla Alvarez Death Shocks Thalia, Kate Del Castillo, Other Celebrities Remember Her

In "María Mercedes" (1992) she played Rosario Muñoz, a teenage girl that does not like the poverty her family lives in. Her sister Maria was played by Thalía in her first telenovela, that became a breakthrough role and set the pace for the remainder of her career. After this hit novela, came teen focused novelas with "Buscando El Paraíso" (1993) and "Agujetas De Color de Rosa" (1994) followed by dramas like "Prisionera De Amor" (1994) and "Acapulco, Cuerpo y Alma" (1995). Due to her rising popularity her first starring role came in 1997 with "Mi Querida Isabel." The Mexican telenovela revolved around Alvarez who played Isabel Rivals a law student that also provides for her family after the passing of her mother. Her father is an alcoholic and her brother is a rebellious teenager. She takes interest in a case of a woman that was accused of a crime that she did not commit. She soon falls in live with Luis Daniel, played by Ernesto Laguardia and will have to overcome many obstacles to live happily ever after. SCROLL DOWN TO WATCH THE INTRO!

"Mi Querida Isabel" was a departure for álvarez who had mostly been seen as a villain in soap operas and the audience did not buy the softer side of her. In 1999 she returned to be the main antagonist in the telenovela titled "La Mentira." In this telenovela she played Virginia Fernández-Negrete, opposite Kate del Castillo. Virginia and Verónica (Del Castillo) were adopted at a young age and were raised like sisters, but Virginia has always envied Veronica and has sided with her aunt to make her life miserable. Virginia makes a man fall in love with her, but only uses him for fun. When she breaks up with him, he decides to commit suicide. Demetrio (Guy Ecker) comes into the picture and is on a quest to find out who is the woman that pushed his brother to kill himself. Virginia takes advantage of the situation that her and Veronica share a pendant with their first name initial to frame Verónica that she was the one that made Demetrio's brother go into depression. "La Mentira" was a huge hit in México and the states catapulting Karla álvarez career into one of the biggest villains ever seen.

Following her success she continued to play villains in telenovelas like "Mujeres Engañadas," (1999) "Alma Rebelde" (1999) and "La Intrusa." (2001). After these soaps she continued her career with "Vivan Los Niños" (2002), "Inocente De Ti" (2004) and "Heridas De Amor" (2006). After a brief break from the small screen Karla returned to telenovela with "Las Tontas No Van Al Cielo" in 2008 by producer Rosy Ocampo. In this telenovela she played Paulina Cervantes, a woman more interested in traveling and getting to know the world, than her family. She abandons her family to live the life and only later comes back to regain her position, but the lead character has already moved on and she will have to fight to get her way again. In 2008 she was in the cast of "Un Gancho Al Corazón" followed by "Camaleones" in 2009, where she played Agata a scary prefect that made all the students tremble. Her las telenovela started in 2012 with "Qué Bonito Amor" and ended earlier this year. We will miss Karla álvarez and we thank her for sharing her talent with all of us, may she rest in peace.