The Wildcat is dead. Long live the Wildcat. The Bowler Wildcat rally raid truck, which is based on the iconic Land Rover Defender, became a household name after Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond test drove the wicked beast and shouted "I am a driving god!" as he tackled elephant-sized mounds in reckless abandon. It's difficult to realize that Top Gear's Bowler Wildcat episode aired more than ten  years ago. Now, a leaked patent illustration shows hints of an all new Land Rover rally raid truck.

The new patent illustration, which were submitted to a patent office in China, featured design cues from the popular Range Rover Evoque. However, any resemblance to the production Evoque is merely cosmetic. With an upgraded suspension, underbody protection, a roof-mounted hood scoop, extra air vents, big mud flaps and road-going wheels, we doubt the patent will share any component with the production model at all.

Surprisingly, claims the Land Rover Evoque rally truck isn't necessarily a Dakar special rally truck, but could possibly suggest a highly limted top-spec supertruck as well. Vehicles like the SVT Raptor has proved that a market for high performance off-road trucks exist. However, the Land Rover Evoque rally truck may target the Chinese market specifically, as does a rumored off-road Porsche 911.

Whatever this Land Rover Evoque rally truck patent is, we look forward to seeing this crazy automobile  in the flesh. Stay tuned as we learn more about the patent in the months head. Also be sure to watch the video below to experience the awesomeness of the Bowler Wildcat once again: