The 2016 Billboard Latin Music Awards is just around the corner. Prior to the big night; however, Latin Billboards hosts a series of conferences where many artists get together and talk about the industry. The panels at this year's conference event included "The Diva Panel," which unites some of the most powerful women in the biz. 

With that said, here are some of the most empowering quotes from songstresses Paty Cantú (Mexico), Fanny Lu (Colombia), Ednita Nazario (Puerto Rico), Jackie Cruz (Dominican Republic), Soledad Pastorutti (Argentina), and Natti Natasha (Dominican Republic) 


  • "In order to survive in the industry women have been obligated to become whole artists: composers, producers, businesswoman"
  • "Women can dominate many things… that’s why we’re multitasked"
  • "People like Juan Gabriel, Alejandro Sanz have believed in me as a female singer"
  • "The road is a slow but steady walk"


  • "I love to sing and I’m going to do it regardless"
  • "Hollywood chewed me up and spit me out … I was not ready for it"
  • "I’m part of a TV show that it doesn’t matter what you look like and I think my co-workers are the most beautiful people in the world"
  • "Don’t put a time limit on your dreams"


  • "To pursue your dreams is the thing that can make you happy"
  • "I don't work on holidays because those memories with my family never come back" 
  • "Go for it without fear because it’s worth it"


  • "You have to be a guy in the industry and learn everything in the business"
  • "You have to believe in yourself first if you want other people to believe in you"
  • "In front of any tough situation, don't hide. Try to look at the positive outlook"


  • "Versatility is not a flaw, it’s a quality"
  • "Women have all the liberty in the world to express themselves how they want to"
  • "I have never seen my fellow male colleagues as any better than women. I feel equal as every man"
  • "Believe in your passion and never, ever, give up"


  • "This is not about music genres, this is about being natural and transparent"
  • "For me, the most important thing is family"
  • "If I'm happy, I can express myself artistically"
  • "I always follow my dreams and go behind what I feel"