Leonorilda Ochoa has died at the age of 76. The actress and comedian had been suffering from Alzheimer's disease for eight years and passed away the morning hours of Sunday, May 22.

"She died at 4:25am," her surviving son Sergio Ochoa said on "Formula Dominical" TV show. "She was calm, a beautiful face, we have an angel in heave. She was at peace and accompanied by all the people that loved her. I want to thank my mother for everything that she was to us." 

Sergio Ochoa also mentioned that there would not be a public viewing and the funeral services would be private.

Leonorilda Ochoa was known for participating in comedy shows and movies. Her latest projects were in telenovela projects like "Código Postal" (2006) and "Rubí" (2004). She also took part in "Así Son Ellas" (2002), "Vivo Por Elena" (1998) and "Alcanzar Una Estrella" (1990).

The actress was especially known for her comedic acts like La Pecas character on "Los Beverly De Peralvillo" (1968).

One of her first professional jobs was as the showgirl for the Quinteto de los Hermanos Salinas. After that she appeared in the television shows like "Variedades Del Mediodía" (1954) alongside Manuel "El Loco" Valdés, and "Cómicos y Canciones" (1956), starring Viruta and Capulina. 

Her breakout role in television came in the sitcom "Chucherías" (1962), which also starred Chucho Salinas, Héctor Lechuga and Alejandro Suárez.