25 Valentine’s Day Messages For Your Friends

Friends are chosen family, and while you may not always tell them how much you care for them, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to remind your friends that you love them.
Valentine's Day

8 Sweet Poems For The Man You Love On Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here and even if your valentine isn’t normally one for romantic poetry, everyone gets a bit sappy when struck with cupid’s arrow. Discover 8 poems that express your true...
Cruzan Valentine Sparkler Cocktail

14 Sexy And Simple Drinks For Valentine's Day!

Check out our sexy and simple cocktail recipes for Valentine’s Day below and be sure to raise a glass to true love and romance on February 14!
Valentine's Day

20 Meaningful Valentine’s Day Messages For Mom And Dad

Valentine’s Day normally serves as a day for passion and romance. However while you celebrate the love between you and your partner, don’t forget about your other loved ones, specifically those who...

15 Valentine’s Day Messages For Your Grandparents

Don't forget about your grandparents this Valentine's Day! Instead of sending texts, flowers or chocolate, send your grandparents something meaningful and from the heart!