Sharkweek 2014 is upon us and the Discovery Channel has, once again, coordinated seven days and nights worth of shark related shows that will keep you entertained. Here are four fun facts about sharks, from Discovery Channel: 1. Galeophobia is the excessive fear of sharks. It comes from the Greek word "galeos", which was a particular type of shark.

2. Sharks that eat their siblings' eggs in the womb are not vicious. They are just seeking nutrients for sustaining their own growth. 3. Sharks are susceptible to the moon's control of ocean tides. Moon phases affect sharks' eating habits and draw them closer to shore. 4. While color preference is debatable, scientists know that some sharks have developed cones like the ones humans use to distinguish colors.

Enjoy those fun facts? Check out the slideshow above of 11 hilarious memes with equally surprising shark facts.