Maripily Rivera has gotten back together with her ex, businessman Albert Rodriguez, according to the Huffington Post. Yesterday, (July 26), Maripily surprised fans with some pictures uploaded to her social media accounts where you could see the Latina being hugged by a man:  "Waiting for my next Jet Ski course accompanied by bodyguard! Jajajaa" she wrote. This was followed by another picture she was in a pool with (presumably) the same guy.

"My human bed! Jajajaa! Lol," wroke Maripily jokingly. And it has become clear that this isn't her friend, presenter and actor Javier Ceriani, who was also with her for the beach day on Soho Beach, the exclusive Miami Beach hotel. Finally Rivera decided to show who the mystery man was saying "What God has joined no one separates!" It was nothing more and nothing less than her ex-fiancé, Albert Rodriguez.

"I love him, I cannot be hypocritical with my feelings. My son, my family, are all I want and I decided to give it another chance,"  Maripily told HuffPost Voces. With regard to what she discovered about Rodriguez which was the cause of their split (but which Maripily has never revealed) Rivera wanted to be very clear: "The past doesn't matter, all that matters is for you to be present with your partner."