What should you be looking for in a significant other? According to a stunning ad, titled "Luxury Defined," you should be looking for all the qualities possessed by the 1996 Nissan Maxima GLE. As far as creative Craigslist ads go, this one takes the cake for the elegant video production of such a humble automobile.

"The most iconic monuments always seem to be those that stand the test of time," began the ad produced by Ikonik Films. Archival footage of the Golden Gate Bridge and Eiffel Tower set the tone of timeless icons and marvel in engineering. "The structures that weathered the years. Those that stood through wars and depressions and today, still stand impressive. 2013 brings out a true embodiment of iconic motoring. The luxurious Maxima GLE from Nissan."

"17 years in monumental perfection," continued the ad. No doubt, the Maxima nearly as perfect as Antonio Vivaldi's Four Seasons masterpiece. "This time tested Maxima delivers an unprecedented sports sedan fully loaded with an engine, wheels, tires, and an automatic transmission. A thrilling combination that has lasted over a decade."

"This vehicle can guarantee it will get you front point A to point B most of the time. Currently being offered up for sale.  You might just qualifying for this stunning, tour de force of true motoring."

The genuinely stunning ad was shot in two weekends using a Canon 60D and a budget of $100, a testament of hardwork and dedication over high production nonsense. 

Without further ado, enjoy the sensational ad of this 1996 Nissan Maxima GLE sedan below:

Stolen-Nissan-Ad Nissan Maxima GLE Ikonik Films

Reverse-Mod2-744x1024 Nissan Maxima GLE Ikonik Films