The photo above is the McLaren P1 in full attack at the fearsome Nurburgring. With its spoiler raised and angled, the McLaren P1 rockets out of a corner, laying down two long, thick, black stripes of rubber in its wake. Make no mistake, this is in direct response to the Porsche 918 Spyder. According to McLaren Automotive's latest video, the P1 hybrid supercar has successfully cracked the 7-minute barrier at Nurburgring.

Back in October, captured footage of the McLaren P1 lapping Nurburgring was captured and shared on YouTube, claiming the supercar managed to finish the lap in a mind boggling 6 minutes 47 seconds. However, the time was never confirmed. Ultimately, that is the real question: By how much did the McLaren P1 finish under seven minutes? On the other corner, Porsche announced back in September that its 918 Spyder made it around the Nurburgring in 6 minutes 57 seconds under the skillful hands of racing legend Marc Lieb. While three seconds appears like a narrow margin, the ability to find every extra tenth is worth the investment of thousands of dollars. 

The battle for hybrid supercar supremacy is perhaps more intense and scientific than ever before. McLaren has yet to unveil the lap time of its P1 but we imagine the difference is split by the smallest of margins. What's more, it's important to keep in mind that the LaFerrari has yet to even enter the ring. We can't wait for the moment it does!

The most exciting part of the video is but a fleeting moment at the 1:20 mark when the P1 exits a little sideways as it enters Fuchsröhre. Watch McLaren's video of tackling the Nurburgring here.