After a successful first season, "The Ultimate Fighter Latin America" has announced its return to the small screen for a second season. The popular Spanish-language reality series will include two teams of eight Latin American fighters from the welterweight and lightweight divisions. Meet Team Gastelum and Team Escudero, comprised of fighters from countries such as Argentina, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru and Chile.

The winner will not only nab the title of The Ultimate Fighter, but also a contract with the mixed martial arts organization UFC. "The Ultimate Fighter Latin America 2" will premiere August 26th on, the UFC Network and additional channels in Mexico and Latin America. 

As we countdown for the upcoming show, we introduce you to the complete cast who is going head-to-head for the title.

"The Ultimate Fight: Latin America" has unveiled the cast for its second season. Meet the fighters here. Courtesy
VERNON RAMOS: He inherited his taste for MMA from his father, who enrolled him in Jiu Jitsu. He is patient and precise when fighting and his strength is in Jiu Jitsu. He was the first Panamanian to win the welterweight MMA Amateur League. Although most of his family and friends say he cannot make a living practicing MMA, his desire was fueled when he saw Humberto Brown participate in The Ultimate Fighter Latin America. "It was like hope for Panamanians." He lives with his mother and sister, as his father has been missing for two years. He is a student of Industrial Engineering at the Universidad de Santa María La Antigua in Panama. His favorite music is hip-hop and Panamanian reggae, and he is a big basketball fan. Courtesy
WILMER FERNANDEZ: He was forced to learn to fend for himself, and then found his true passion in MMA. Despite facing difficult situations, he has managed to follow the path on which he is about to make one of his greatest dreams come true: to be a UFC fighter. After playing soccer and boxing while younger, he now divides his time between several jobs and training, where he hopes to improve many of his techniques to become a well-rounded fighter. His wife, daughter and parents motivate him to keep pressing forward and raise the name of Honduras inside the Octagon. Courtesy
POLO REYES: He ventured into the MMA world with Professor Rito García Bojorquez in 2008. His nickname comes from his previous trade where he worked as a carpenter while beginning to train in boxing, as the Pepe "El Toro" character played by Pedro Infante in the feature film “Nosotros los Pobres” ("We the Poor"). He feels stronger when fighting on his feet. He generally wins by KO, TKO and finally submission. When training, he likes to practice Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling and Kick Boxing. The greatest moment in his career so far, was when he was told he'd been selected to be part of The Ultimate Fighter Latin America 2. He once read a phrase he has adopted as his own: "Train hard, until your idols become your rivals." If he could practice another sport, it would be mountain biking because he is highly passionate about the outdoors. One of his most admired boxers is Miguel Ángel Cotto. Courtesy
OLIVER MEZA: Of Peruvian and Costa Rican descent, this young man discovered MMA when he decided to open a gym and teach this discipline. As a child he practiced soccer, football, tennis and golf. He has a smart fighting style as he adapts to the situation. He finds his greatest strength when lying on the floor. As part of The Ultimate Fighter Latin America 2, he sees the responsibility of uniting Latin America, educating the region and making it love MMA and the UFC. He wants his fights to inspire future generations. He majored in Commercial Marketing and Law in Panama and has worked as a writer and television creative. This year he plans to launch a foundation to support Latin American women. Courtesy
KEVIN MEDINILLA: Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he began his sports career through Jiu-Jitsu and kickboxing and then tried his luck in MMA, a discipline he was not able to stay away from. Confident in his abilities and aggressive style, he plans to rise up with the title and the contract from The Ultimate Fighter house. An accomplished athlete who played rugby, tennis and basketball as a child, he dreams of fighting for the UFC. Courtesy
MARCO OLANO: He started out in the world of MMA at the age of 14 years as a hobby, since he was formerly attracted to boxing as a child and practiced swimming, karate and judo. His fighting style is explosive and aggressive, and his strength is in boxing. When preparing for a fight, he eats a diet low in carbohydrates and fats, and trains to Ñengo flow songs. His ritual before a fight is to meet with his team in the gym and go together to the ring. His most memorable moment as a professional fighter was when he won the Inka FC belt after beating Leonardo "Leozeda" Nogueira. His dream is to become a UFC champion and be completely devoted to this career: "I am 21 years old and have a lot to learn." Courtesy
HORACIO GUTIERREZ: He began his career in combat sports as part of a game and Muay Thai training. He was nicknamed The Punisher because of his fighting style and the way he finished off his rivals. One of his most significant achievements to date as a professional is a national championship, although this is just the beginning of what is yet to come. Although he has a BA in International Business, he says he is a full-time fighter, fully dedicated to the sport. Courtesy
JONATHAN ORTEGA: Enthusiastic and dedicated to his profession, he first started boxing and then evolved into MMA. More confident in his Jiu-Jitsu than his Olympic wrestling, he is known as a gladiator to look out for, and strong enough to finish the battle at any time. He lives with his mother and sisters and trains in his native Chile. Courtesy
HECTOR ALDANA: An admirer of former Canadian champion George St. Pierre and a practitioner of judo, he has not yet faced defeat as an MMA fighter. He has a clear goal and knows he will make it to a UFC championship. He likes to move forward and is always looking to finish the fight, instead of leaving the decision to the judges. With a family legacy of horsemanship, he started to practice MMA by chance, without expecting too much of a sport that has now become his greatest passion and in which he expects to soon stand out a very high level. Courtesy
ENRIQUE MARIN: He knew he wanted to practice MMA after watching a friend's videos on VHS cassettes, and says he will not stop until he achieves its goal: fighting in the UFC. A practitioner of traditional Jiu-Jitsu and kickboxing, he hopes to position Spain as a role model in the UFC. With a minor in education and a major in physical education, he defines himself as a humble and courageous fighter, with great mental strength. Courtesy
ERICK MONTANO: Born in Mexico City, he has spent most of his life practicing contact sports, moving from Kung Fu to MMA. He made his professional debut at age 19 and since then he has not stopped training in pursuit of perfection. With fast fists, he like to fight standing, although he is not uncomfortable when fighting on the canvas, he firmly believes he will do a good job on The Ultimate Fighter and will have an opportunity to demonstrate his quality in the Octagon. His family has always supported him, and his brother, Augusto Dodger Montaño, who already fights for the UFC. Courtesy
ENRIQUE BARZOLA: After spending just over four years touring the world of MMA, he is known for his power and technique in the art of wrestling. He sees himself as a winner of The Ultimate Fighter and as a winner in the UFC over the long run, thanks to his great performance and winning mentality. An architect by trade, his great passions are his family, his wife and one of his brothers who is autistic. Courtesy
DANNY SALAS: Patient, intelligent and with very clear goals, are the words this Mexican gladiator uses to describe himself. With a strong track record in MMA, a discipline he began to practice influenced by his older brother, he looks to bring all of his experience and efforts to The Ultimate Fighter. Possessing a good punch and a fan of world boxing champion, Mexico's Juan Manuel Márquez, he will try to improve his fight on the floor to move towards the dream of fighting in the UFC very soon. Courtesy
CHRISTIAN SOTO: An Anderson Silva fan and admirer of boxing legend Alexis Argüello, this Nicaraguan describes himself as a tenacious and disciplined fighter with a different style, and with his mind set on a very clear goal: winning The Ultimate Fighter. A fan of musical group Maná and a soccer-lover, he has a BA in Marketing, which he currently practices. He prefers fighting on the canvas edge, but expects to keep improving his fighting technique and Muay Thai in the coming months to prepare for the forthcoming tests. Courtesy
CESAR ARZAMENDIA: Nicknamed Goku as a child because he practiced Kung Fu, he became interested in MMA after watching fights of the sport on a video. Over the years, his love for Muay Thai led him to pursue contact sports and develop a special taste for MMA. With good people skills, this admirer of Paraguayan soccer player Salvador Cabañas spends part of his time teaching MMA to children in a local church. He is looking to expand this activity to younger people in his home country in the near future. Courtesy
ALVARO HERRERA: At the age of 17, he saw MMA as a great hobby, never dreaming that six months later he would debut as a pro. Owner of an aggressive style and based largely on boxing, he is hoping to improve his fight on the floor to become a more complete fighter. He is passionate about cooking, cinema and travel, has a BS in Pharmacological Chemistry from the UTEG. After being selected as part of The Ultimate Fighter Latin America, he hopes to win the reality show and enjoy major victories as part of the UFC. Courtesy