México played one of the toughest matches in the 2014 World Cup against the host nation of Brazil. Nobody said the game was going to be easy, but it was also not impossible. The Mexican soccer team has defeated the South American country in the past, but due to their high ability there is always fear that they will upset. The game ended up having no goals on either side, but they both defended their nations colors until the end of the 90-plus minute match. On the red, white and green side there was one player that shined, the goalie Memo Ochoa. The 28-year-old goalkeeper is a free agent and worked hard to start the games against favorite Jesús Corona. After much controversy, Miguel "El Piojo" Herrera, opted for Ochoa to some negative criticisms. All those comments have now been proven wrong as Memo gave an excellent performance.

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Ochoa was like a wall and no ball kicked from the opposing team got past him. There were a couple of balls that were very close, but Memo's great reflections and fast-thinking blocked them again saving México. Now all the El Tri fans are calling im a saint, juxtaposing his head on top of a Superman image, illustrating him as a wall, making him a new religious symbol and even postulating him for the Mexican presidency. The latter seems to be a little too much, but they make for hilarious memes in social media. Scroll-through our meme gallery above and enjoy!

Cabeção, the psychic turtle, who has been predicting the winners of each match, favored El Tri for this game, Unfortunately it looks like we will be having some turtle soup soon as he failed to predict the outcome of this game. The game that was be played at the Castelão stadium in Fortaleza was a tie between México and Brazil, with no annotations from either side. This game was some sort of a rematch after the Aztec country won gold over Brazil at the 2012 London Olympics.