The Miss Pole Dance South America contest was held in Buenos Aries, Argentina November 23 and 25. A number of nimble pole dancers came out in droves to compete for the title of Miss Pole Dance South America. Brazilian Alessandra Rancan took the title and won in the category for "Best Artistic." Female and male dancers were able to compete for the title. Categories included amateur, professional and master. Male dancers could compete in doubles competition and the master division.

The images of the men and women competing in the pole dancing competition are intense to say the least. While most of us picture run down bars and girls dancing for creepy guys in the dark when we hear "pole dancers", these dancers can be described as nothing short of athletic. They way these dancers can bend and move is enviable. The competing Men and women are able to bend themselves around the poles at angles that make you wonder if they aren't part cat.

One image shows Argentinian Florencia Bustos in a gold and purple two piece, reminiscent of Princess Leia from "Return of the Jedi." The flexible female has her back bent around the pole while holding on with only one hand. Her right leg is slipped through the space between the pole and her arm. While her left leg, which is facing the opposite direction is held up by her left hand. Winner Alessandra Rancan was awarded victory with a similar move.

The beautiful brunette was wearing a red sequined two piece costume and is arguably one of the most agile women on the planet. Similar to Bustos, Rancan is wrapped around the poll by her back holding on with one hand. The gorgeous Brazilian is stretched as far back as her body will allow her to go. She is bent almost totally backward with her legs outstretched. The right leg is positioned in the space separating her arm from the poll. The competition was fierce but it is easy to see why Alessandra Rancan won Miss Pole Dance South America 2013.

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