The most controversial portion of the Miss Universe pageant took place last night in a preliminary competition. The national costume is where the beauty queens model pieces that are inspired by their origins. Some have been succesful and some just completely awful. You can tell which countries have a rich culture and which countries don't, or which countries have a creative designer and which just don't seem to have an imagination. For the 2014 edition (even though it's taking place in 2015) most of the costumers were extremely safe. Zoé Metthez, the representative from Switzerland, was one of the few exceptions. Her costume lacked creativity and imagination and bored us to sleep. Claudia Tavel, from Bolivia, also didn't have such a fun costume but at least it was dramatic with all the big feathers. Kimberly Castillo's from Dominican Republic dressed as a religious figure, which some people on Twitter deemed outright controversial. Scroll-through the gallery above and tell us which outfit is your favorite!

ArgentinaValentina Ferrer (23): Born in Córdoba, she became a Physical Fitness Instructor after finishing high school. Her personal motto is, "where there is a will, there is a way." She likes to collect lucky charms and would like to win the crown to motivate young people in believing in their dreams.

BoliviaClaudia Tavel (25): Born in the City of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, she helped in rescuing people after the collapse of an 18-story building in her city along with firefighters. At the age of 9, her mother prohibited her from using roller skates inside the house. When she broke the rules, she broke a collection of antique porcelain, which became the biggest mischief her mother remembers. Her ultimate goal in life is happiness.

BrazilMelissa Gurgel (20): During her childhood she loved pretending to be a model at fashion shows and pose for photographers. She always does handstands before she starts a workout. When she leaves the kitchen she always likes to double check the refrigerator door is fully closed.

ChileHellen Marlene Toncio (20): Loves to whistle and sing while she showers. She was born in Rancagua and grew up in the countryside surrounded by nature and animals. She began to study dentistry and enjoys sports as well as spending time with her grandmother.

ColombiaPaulina Vega (22): Born in Barranquilla, she is a daughter of a cardiologists and the granddaughter of the legendary tenor Gatsón Vega. her grandmother, Elvira Castillo, hold the title of Miss Atlántico 1953. She studies Business Administration. She likes to sleep with her eyes open, likes to dance like a crazy person when she has a break at the gym and loves making lists to make sure she doesn't forget anything.

Costa RicaKarina Ramos (21): Prefers being called Kary, she worked as a host of a television show at the age of 9. At the age of 11 she hosted a radio show. She started her own modeling agency and academy where she shares her experiences with young girls that have the same dream.

Dominican RepublicKimberly Castillo (26): Grew up in the countryside and the city, between Higuey and Santiago, respectively. She is fluent in Italian and worked in Italy as a model. One of her proudest achievements is her own small manufacturing company. She remembers once stealing her cousin's birthday piñata.

EcuadorAlejandra Argudo (22): Her hometown is Portoviejo. She is good at imitating people that she has known for a while. She is adopting a low income child's academic career as her Christmas present. She was teased at school for being the tallest girl, but is very comfortable with her height now.

El SalvadorPatricia Murillo (21): Born in Juayua, known as "The Route Of Flowers." Grew around coffee plantations, her father taught her the process of growing coffee with a beautiful aroma and flavor. She does not drink coffee because she is sensitive to caffeine. She fell into a lake while riding her bike home with friends from her job at a hotel. She knows how to ride motorcycles and rides motocross with her brother.

GuatemalaAna Montúfar Urrutia (21): She cites her family gatherings as the platform and opportunity she has used to discover and improve her talents. Her father is a pediatrician and is her hero and has had a big influence on her since she has seen how to save lives. When Ana goes to bed, she usually rocks herself for a minute to fall asleep faster. She is not scared of earthquakes as she grew up in Guatemala, a place known for its volcano activity.

HondurasGabriela Ordoñez (22): Lost 40lbs in one year. She is working toward a law degree and is the eldest of four siblings. She wants to empower women and put a stop to domestic violence. Her favorite day is Monday because it is the beginning of the week. She wants to be on the Supreme Court of her native country.

MéxicoJosselyn Garciglia (24): Born in La Paz, Baja California, as a child she enjoyed learning Polynesian dances, going to the beach and playing with her cousins. At the age of 17, after finishing high school, she moved to England for a year to learn another language and travel around Europe. At 22, she graduated with a degree in nutrition. She is clumsy and trips on steps too much.

NicaraguaMarline Barberena (27): Has a huge sweet tooth, loves candy, cake and chocolate-anything. She doesn't like onions and loves animals. Graduated in Business Administration and participated on Univision's show, "Nuestra Belleza Latina 2013." She is the official spokesperson of the Fundación Pedaco cal Cristal and she fights for her goals.

PanamaYomatsy Hazlewood De La Rosa (23):  Since a young age she has been involved in choreography in front of large audiences and competed in athletic events. She can juggle a soccer ball for an extended period of time. She has seven siblings and enjoys making weird faces to make her baby brothers laugh.

ParaguaySally Jara Davalos (20): She can imitate almost all of her foreign friend's accents. She loves cartoons like "Dragon Ball Z." Finished high school at 18 and was admitted into the American University of Asunción where she is finishing her third semester of the Commercial Engineering program.

PerúJimena Espinoza (26): Born and raised in Lima and is the second of four sisters. She has travel the worked as a professional model and has degrees in Marketing and Modeling. She was bullied for being tall, but her father taught her to see her height as a gift, while her mother encouraged her into the modeling profession.

Puerto RicoGabriela Berrios (24): Second of four children in her family. Lived in her native Puerto Rico and Orlando, Florida. In her free time she likes to cook desserts and watch baseball as well as Ultimate Fighting. Studied Business Administration and plans to create her own production company.

SpainDesire Cordero Ferrer (21): She has been working as a model since the age of 15 and internationally since the age of 17. Her father is a pilot and has a small airplane. She achieved a Bachelor of Arts and would like to continue studying oceanology. Ferrer is a cheerful, optimistic young woman, who fights for her dreams. People also describe her as humble and caring. She loves traveling and experiencing other cultures. 

SwitzerlandZoé Metthez (20): She has Dominican roots from her mother. Enjoys blogging and spending time at home. Is the happiest when she is with her friends and family. Loves taking care of kids and spending time with them. She loves traveling, discovering new countries, cities and cultures. She's addicted to sweets, especially macaroons from Laduré.

UruguayJohana Riva Garabetian (24): Born in Montevideo, she grew up with her mother and grandparents. At 16 she competed in a national beauty contest and from then decided to pursue more competitions. At 19, she decided to move to Lima, Perú, where she worked towards her goal of modeling for catalogues, commercials and fashion shows for big designers and brands. She would love to meet Ricky Martin as she has been a long time fan.

USANia Sanchez (24): Born and raised in Sacramento, her love for travel began as she moved between California and Washington. After finishing high school she moved to Europe and became a nanny. Nia has worked as a full-time model for the past seven years and was chosen out of thousands of applicants to be a face character for Hong Kong Disney. After visiting Thailand and the Great Wall of China, Nia made the bright lights of Las Vegas her home.

VenezuelaMigbelis Lynette Castellanos (19): She is the middle child of Isbelia Romero and Miguel Castellanos and has two siblings. She studied at the U.E. Jesus Anibal Alfonso and graduated high school in 2010 with high marks. In 2011, she began her university studies in Social Communications and Politics. Has a bad habit of putting her feet on a table and enjoys cooking.