The "Need for Speed: Rivals" release date for Xbox One and PS4 are on November 22 and November 29, respectively. With only weeks left, EA has released two new gameplay videos that compare the "Need for Speed: Rivals" video game on the two next-generation consoles. 

The pair of "Need for Speed: Rivals" gameplay videos offered a sneak peak of what sort of visual elements to expect from the new driving game, including HUD indicators, scoring themes, and special power-ups including nitrous oxide, shockwave and ESF. "shockwave," which knocks away enemy vehicles. ESF delivers a strong electric pulse to disabilize other cars.

Both gameplay videos feature Need For Speed's classic staple: the Hot Pursuit race. The rules are straightforward: race to the finish line first, try not to get apprehended, try to take out, but not get taken out by other racers, on the road. In the Xbox One version, a Ford GT is racing through the desert plains. In the PS4 version, a BMW M3 GT3 is flying through the woods.

Despite EA's best efforts to demonstrate the performance of the two consoles, YouTube video resolution simply cannot do the graphics justice. According to IGN, the PS4 slightly edgest the Xbox One on graphics and technology. The PS4 boasts an AMD Radeon Graphics Core Next engine, which has 1152 shaders. In comparison, the XBox One uses a 853 MHz AMD Radeon GPU, which only has 768 Shaders. The PS4 is capable of processing GPU shader througput at a peak 1.84 teraflops per second whil Xbox One processes a peak of 1.31 teraflops per second of throughput.

"Need For Speed: Rivals" will release on both the PS4 and Xbox One consoles later this month. Please watch the Xbox One and PS4 gameplay video below to learn more: