The Nissan BladeGlider is the future as envisioned by the Japanese automaker. Given the outrageous design and the impractical one+two seating layout, it's unlikely for the BladeGilder to make it into production. That said, the technology presented in the concept is real and really effective.

The curious one-seater layout and narrow front end should look familiar to Le Mans race fans as it heavily borrows from the sensational DeltaWing Le Mans experimental prototype. Back in 2010, Nissan performance division NISMO worked with DeltaWing and produced one of the most radical racing machines the world has ever seen in decades. Originally proposed as an IndyCar, the DeltaWing ultimately demonstrated its performance as an experimental entry at LeMans. Even though the Deltawing never finished the race when a Toyota prototype took it out in the early half of the 24 hour race, its impressive race pace was noted by many engineers.

Keen to see how far the DeltaWing design can go, Nissan furthered development to introduce the ZEOD RC racing car, which will run at next year's 24 Hours of Le Mans. This time, the ZEOD RC race car will do away with the DeltaWing's turbocharged inline-4 engine for an all-electric powertrain.

The progression of the Nissan experimental racing car has culiminated to the creation of the Nissan BladeGlider concept, which Nissan will officially introduce at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. Essentially, the Nissan BladeGlider adopts the narrow front track and wide rear for an efficient low drag, high downforce design. Just like the ZEOD RC, the BladeGlider is designed to be an electric vehicle as well. In-wheel motors are powered by lightweight lithium-ion batteries nestled inside a lightweight carbon fiber chassis. 

"More than a concept, Nissan BladeGlider is both a proposal for the future direction of Nissan electric vehicle (EV) development and an exploratory prototype of an upcoming production vehicle from the world’s leading EV manufacturer,” read the press release statement. These are exciting times, indeed.

Details on the 2014 Nissan BladeGlider are limited at this time. Stay tuned as we learn more about Nissan's gamechanging sports car in the weeks ahead of the Tokyo Motor Show on November 20th.