Rumors on the next-generation R36 Nissan GT-R have been brewing for months. Weeks ago, Kazutoshi Mizuno announced that he will retire after serving Nissan for 15 years as the chief engineer of the Nissan GT-R. In his place, the next-generation Nissan GT-R will be designed and developed under NISMO, Nissan's in-house performance division. What's more, reports revealed that Nissan has recently filed a trademark application for a new "R-Hybrid" moniker. More specifically, rumors suggest that the next R36 Nissan GT-R may feature a hybrid powertrain. Sources have even claimed that racing outfit Williams F1's technology division Williams Advanced Engineering are working with Nissan on an all-new high-performance hybrid powertrain.

Finally, Nissan executive vice president Andy Palmer has come forward to address the rumors. According to the Nissan exec, the next-generation GT-R will feature hybrid technology. In fact, the decision is a no-brainer.

“There is an inevitability about electrification of all cars in the future, and there is the very real prospect of enhancements coming from it on a sports car like the Nissan GT-R,” Palmer explained. “The electric systems can fill in the gaps in the torque curve and offer genuine performance gains, as well as lowering emissions.”

Despite the confirmation of hybridization, the level of Willaims Advanced Engineering's involvement with the project is still unclear. For now, NISMO director Kinishi Tanuma has at least shared his ideas of what the next Nissan GT-R should be. According to Tanuma san, the R36 GT-R is expected to be produced in higher volumes with significant improvements in both quality and value. In the meantime, NISMO will put the finishing touches to the final edition 2015 Nissan GT-R  NISMO, which will bow at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month.

Performance figures of the 2015 Nissan GT-R has yet to be revealed but Andy Palmer confirmed that that the NISMO tune is expected to achieve the quickest GT-R time ever on the Nurburgring under the hands of former Formula 1 driver Sebastien Buemi. Palmer also announced that the Nurburgring will continue to serve as a benchmark and an indication of progress for the GT-R. In short, whatever lap time the 2015 Nissan GT-R NISMO posts in the weeks ahead, you can be sure that the R36 Nissan GT-R will shatter it.