We're still gushing over just how awesome the Nissan ID-x concept looks. Retro design is something that the Mustang brought to vogue but it's amazing how simple, fresh and effective Nissan is with the Datsun 510 design philosophy. Now, more details on the Nissan IDx Freeflow and Nissan IDx Nismo concepts from the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show have surfaced.

According to Nissan, the IDx is a compact rear-wheel-drive coupe in two distinct trims, Freeflow and Nismo, with the intent of offering a fun driving experience and everyday practicality in a nostalgic package. Just as the Toyota GT 86 / Scion FR-S was Toyota's way of reconnecting with the AE86, Nissan cranked fond Datsun 510 memories up to 11.

The Nissan IDx Freeflow is definitely the tamer car of the duo. According to the Japanese automaker, the Nissan IDx concept measures at just 161.4 inches in length, 66.9 inches in width, and 51.2 inches in height. The Nismo edition is wider at 70.8 inches. What's more, the Nissan IDx Nismo Concept has a racier interior, fender flares, side exhaust, spoiler, and lightweight 19-inch wheels.

The Nissan IDx Freeflow isn't a rolling concept yet but engineers are looking for a small and peppy 1.2 liter to 1.5 liter gasoline engine to fit into its compact engine bay. As for the Nissan IDx Nismo, engineers are looking at the Nissan Juke compact crossover's turbocharged 1.6 liter engine for inspiration.

"To meet the high expectations for a powertrain equal to the task of propelling such a formidable car, one proposal from Nissan's engineers is the combination of a high-performance, eco-friendly 1.6L direct-injection turbocharged engine together with a sporty CVT with 6-speed manual shift mode and synchronized rev control," said Nissan. In the Nissan Juke Nismo, the 1.6 liter turbo pushed 197 hp.

It isn't clear whether or not Nissan will actually turn the Nissan IDx concept into a reality, but the response at the Tokyo Motor Show is deafening. Nissan would be foolish not too listen.