Nissan generated incredible buzz ahead of the auto show with the new 600 hp 2015 Nissan GT-R Nismo and the far out BladeGlider concept. In Tokyo, the Japanese automaker stole the motor show after the company unveiled the new Nissan IDx Freeflow and IDx Nismo concepts. But wait, there's more. In a bold move, Nissan unveiled yet another concept that nobody expected: enter the Nissan Sentra Nismo Concept.

The grandfather B13 Nissan Sentra SE-R remains a cult favorite among tuner enthusiasts but Nissan's compact has lost its way ever since. Now, under the guidance of Nismo, will the sporty Sentra return? The Nissan Sentra Nismo Concept was unveiled at the LA Auto Show.

There is a lot that is different about this Sentra Nismo Concept. For one, the Nismo tuned turbocharged inline-4 engine produces 240 hp and 240 lb.-ft. of torque, nearly doubling the power output of the standard Sentra. The Sentra Nismo has a six-speed manual transmission and a sportier steering feel tuned by Nismo as well.

Power is nothing without control so Nismo swapped out the puny standard Sentra brakes for the bigger Akebono brakes found in the Nissan 370Z. The Nissan Sentra Nismo Concept is also fitted with a Nismo-tuned suspension as well as a limited-slip differential to tame torque steer on the front-wheel-drive platform.A set of 19-inch rays wheels are also fitted underneath wider flared fenders. Other exterior enhancements include red accents, a new front lip and a new rear spoiler dual exhaust, and rear diffuser.

Inside, the Nissan Sentra Nismo Concept features a set of Recaro seats and a leather-and-Alcantara steering wheel. The alcantara theme continues across the cabine and the seats. The Sentra Nismo Concept also gets a special Nismo-style steering wheel. Carbon fiber trim on the dashboard give the Sentra Nismo its finishing touch.

The Nissan Sentra Nismo Concept looks like a winner but the company has not confirmed whether it'll make it to production. 

While Nissan has not confirmed if the the US-only Sentra Nismo will make production. For now, Nissan America exec Fred Diaz said, "It gives a hint of a future Nismo model."