Halloween is only a few days away, and the best part about the spooky holiday is being able to play dress up! However, in recent years, Halloween costumes have gone from bad to worse. Not only does every costume manufacturer feel the need to make costumes that are less and less clothes for women, but they then seemingly justify the lingerie by bizarrely adding the word "Sexy" in front of the title. No thanks, I don't need to be a "sexy" anything on Halloween. And on top of the Halloween's new need to make women into sexed up objects, the holiday's classic costumes have reached an obscenely offensive level.

The fun of Halloween has been lost, the holiday's goal or so I thought is to make people scream and cry with fright, or laugh with delight at just how witty you are. But unfortunately "Mexican" isn't a costume, creating a "costume" out of racial or ethnic stereotypes doesn't really scare me or make me laugh, it disappoints me.  Now of course there are expectations, if you wanted to dress up as a "Salsa Dancer", no would fault you, and dance is certainly a part of Latino culture, but to dress up as a "Sexy Matador" seems entirely offensive.

The "Sexy Matador" costume is really the least offensive of the batch, and let us also consider that these are the "Mexican" costumes sold in stores, for mass consumption. So when Target is stock piling its shelves with "Sexy Illegal Alien" costumes, I think it's time to admit that there is indeed an issue. Embrace Halloween for what it is, embrace its spooky, dead-honoring, origins and instead of channeling your inner "Tequila Princess" maybe shoot for something a bit less offensive and whole lot more fun.