Paulina Rubio has gone back to blonde after a dramatic change last month that saw the blonde beauty trade her hair color for a fiery redhead look. Rubio made an appearance at "The X-Factor" Season 3 Premiere Party Launch in West Hollywood where she was back to being "La Chica Dorada" as we've come to know her throughout her career. The singer wore a loose sheet dress to hide those curves that she has been receiveing so much flack for in recent weeks. Also in attendence were fellow judges, Kelly Rowland, Demi Lovato and Simon Cowell.

After being a coach on "La Voz... Mexico" and "La Voz Kids," Paulina has embarked on this new journey in its third season which will have major changes. The most notorious of those changes is the almost all-female panel with Rubio, Rowland and Lovato, leaving Cowell fending for himself. "I have had more fun making the show this year than I had the first two. These shows should be a celebration — fun and funny. And I wanted these three girls because they are all fun and give me a hard time," Simon told TV Guide about the show this season.

Another major difference in the format from last year is that they will be eliminating the "Bootcamp" and "Judges Houses" stages in the game. Cowell did not want to tell the publication what will be in its place, but he did give readers a hint. "There's a middle section to the show that is going to be really dramatic, very tough on us and the contestants, and very high-pressure. You've never seen this before on one of these shows. It will look more like the live shows than the boot camp, which is completely gone, along with the judges' homes. It was the one ­element of the show I wasn't happy with, and it looked too similar to what everybody else is doing."

The categories will eliminate the "kids" and revert back to the first season with Boys, Girls, Over 25s and Groups. Another notable change is the grand prize as it has been scaled down to $1 million, instead of the $5 million recording contract. What do you think of the changes made to "The X-Factor"? Do you think it will help gain more viewers?

Scroll-through our gallery above to check out Paulina Rubio's new look and the rest of "The X-Factor" cast.