'Pokemon X And Y' News: Could An Upcoming Leaked Event Introduce A Trio Of Legendary Pokemon To The Game?

Many of the gamers playing "Pokemon X" and "Pokemon Y" may have noticed the lack of a legendary themed trio. And no we don't mean the cover stars Xerneas and Yveltal, but rather a new trio of legendary Pokemon. If a leak by NeoGAF turns out to be true, then both "Pokemon X and Y" will be seeing their new mythical group and not only that but they will come in the form of an upcoming event giveaway. The leak over at NeoGAF depict Dancie, a Rock and Fairy type Pokemon, Hoopa which is Psychic and Ghost type and finally Volcanion, a Fire and Water type Pokemon.

As of now this new trio has yet to be encountered in the game, and seeing how there has been no leaks or blog entries anywhere on the net it's safe to assume the special event is a requirement to "catch 'em all." As of now all we have is the leaked images from NeoGAF so as to when they will be released or the exact method of release is up in the air. As Geek points out, getting Torchic was easy so hopefully these three will be just as easy and won't require gamers to head out to retailers like GameStop to get the legendary Pokemon.

Make sure to check out the leaked images above and also check them out at NeoGAF here! The poster of the images wrote along with the leaked images: Saw this on a bunch of Pokemon forums, not sure if real but new thread just in case, since they look real enough to me. Capture me in a Pokéball and distribute me at GameStop if old. And also added that PokeGAF mentioned the post and the images so it must be real, but only time will tell. Do you think these are real images?

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