Last night, Premios Juventud was smashing with some of the biggest acts in the music and entertainment world. Hosted by Galilea Montijo, Ana Brenda Contreras, El Dasa and Cristián De La Fuente, the youth-oriented award show had good, bad and horrible moments. Up ahead we will give you a rundown of what we thought of the show last night. Let's start off with THE GOOD! The musical lineup was one of the strongest Premios Juventud has had in years. Pitbull received a special award for being an icon to young music lovers. His medley of best hits liven up the venue and put everyone one to dance. Enrique Iglesias started off his bit with "Lo Que La Vida Me Robó" theme song "El Perdedor" and finished off blasting off with "Bailando" from Telemundo telenovela "Reina de Corazones." With his number, it was the first time the audience stood up to dance and move to the hitmaker. Also good, Maluma's abs...that is all!

Another GOOD part of the show was the hosts. Galilea Montijo will be hosting the upcoming Univision talent show "Va Por Ti." With Lucero just signing a contract with Telemundo, let's hope Univision gives Montijo a call to take up some of those hosting duties as her charisma is uncanny and really makes television enjoyable. Other amazing musical guests were Becky G, Juanes and Carlos Vives. Now for THE BAD! This is not a comedy show, yet the writers include funny bits that just fall flat. Unnecessary jokes makes the show cringey and we just end up feeling sorry for the presenters that have to say these lame bits. Either hire more capable writers or make it more straight-forward! What about that J.Lo and Ricky Martin hologram? How bad was that? This effect had usually been reserved to bring back to life dead celebrities, but Univision had a twist. They used it for singers they couldn't book for the night.

In contrast to what the Michael Jackson hologram was like at the Billboard Awards this year, this effect was not particularly exciting. It was basically a screen with images of Ricky, Jennifer and Wisin (who was there performing live, but also had a hologram). It didn't look real as the dancers were up in front, not really dancing with the performers in the back. Maybe for Premios Lo Nuestro or the Latin Grammys they can do something with Selena? Now THAT would be something noble. Now for THE HORRIBLE! Yes, Chiquis Rivera! We are nobody to crush anyone's dreams and it's to be admired of someone that wants to follow their dreams, but Chiquis is not doing it the right way. Chiquis is just trying to take her mother's Jenni Rivera, place and it's unacceptable. First of all, because Chiquis doesn't have that charm and charisma Jenni had. Second, because although Jenni was not the best singer either, she sang with passion and heart. Chiquis just seems to want fame. If she had the creative bug in her, she would try to sing something different, but she keeps on emulating Jenni, even dressing just like her. Take a look down below at photos from The Good, The Bad and The Horrible from Premios Juventud 2014!

Premios Juventud: The Good, The Bad, The Horrible
Premios Juventud was smashing with awesome acts, bad holograms and a horrible Jenni Rivera impersonation. See photos of the best and worst of the night! Univision
Premios Juventud 2014: Bad Jokes
THE BAD: The writers of these award shows are not comedic writers. The stuff they make that hosts and presenters say is so lame you cringe and feel sorry for them. Univision
Premios Juventud 2014: J.Lo Hologram
THE BAD: The J.Lo and Ricky Martin Hologram was bad. They should've just aired the music video if they couldn't get the artists there. Univision
Premios Juventud 2014: Ana Brenda, El Dasa
THE GOOD: The presenters of the show this year were really good, Ana Brenda and El Dasa had incredible chemistry. Univision
Premios Juventud 2014: Juanes
THE GOOD: Juanes always puts on an amazing show and his acoustic number was one of the best of the night. Univision
Premios Juventud 2014: Galilea Montijo, Cristián De La Fuente
THE GOOD: Galilea Montijo has incredible charisma, with Lucero going to Telemundo let's hope Univision starts calling her up for more gigs. Univision
Premios Juventud 2014: Roselyn Sánchez
THE GOOD: Roselyn presenting an award to Enrique Iglesias was one of the highlights of the night. Univision
Premios Juventud 2014: Pitbull
THE GOOD: The Pitbull tribute with his medley really brought some life to the youth awards show. Univision
Premios Juventud 2014: Enrique Iglesias
THE GOOD: Enrique Iglesias started his piece with a romantic number, only to liven up the BankUnited Center with "Bailando." Univision
Premios Juventud 2014: Becky G
THE GOOD: Becky G IS Premios Juventud and her "Shower" song is in contention for song of the summer. Univision
Premios Juventud 2014: Maluma
THE GOOD: Maluma's abs!!!!!!! Univision
Premios Juventud 2014: Dulce María, Jencarlos Canela
THE GOOD: "Va Por Ti" mentors, Dulce María, Jencarlos Canela and Larry Hernández look like they will have incredible chemistry. Univision
Premios Juventud 2014: Chiquis Rivera
THE HORRIBLE: Sorry Chiquis, your mother was the Diva, you need to find your own place. Univision