Season 5 of “Pretty Little Liars” is set to be monumental, fans were delighted when Alison returned to the series full time with her on screen return to Rosewood, but with the unfolding action of Mona’s death, Uber “A’s” alleged big reveal in the finale episode, and now Hanna’s latest dilemma, the drama has truly been relentless in the current season. And as I mentioned it is not set to slow down any time soon, following the premiere of last week’s episode, “Pretty Isn’t The Point,” fans of the long running series nearly went into catatonic shock when they discovered that the identity of Rosewood’s omnipresent villain “A” would finally be unmasked unhooded.  “Pretty Little Liars” show runner Marlene King confirmed this news on Twitter, however a new set of spoiler photos from episode 23, the one pervious to the big reveal, may be even more impactful than the highly anticipated finale episode. A series of photos from episode 23, “The Melody Lingers On” reveals that Alison will be receiving some company in jail, and it will be her long lost confidante Hanna Marin! Hanna’s head has been on the proverbial chopping block for some time, especially since her visit to the infamous storage unit with Caleb. In addition to Hanna trading pageant gowns for a prison jumpsuit, the photos revealed that Alison will be getting out from behind bars, but only to sit in the courtroom. 

Alison and Hanna share laundry duty at Rosewood's county jail. ABC Family
Alison loads the washer machine while on laundry duty with her new jail mate Hanna. ABC Family
Hanna doesn't seem to be adjusting too well to jail, especially with the jumpsuits and the chores. ABC Family
Alison's trial begins, will she be charged with Mona's murder? ABC Family
Video footage from Mona's hidden camera is played for the jury. But will this piece of evidence incriminate or exonerate Alison? ABC Family
Alison sits with her lawyer in the courtroom, while Aria and Emily look on. ABC Family
Jason, Alison's brother, takes the witness stand. ABC Family
Ashley Marin is see sitting behind Jason in court, however, Pastor Ted is nowhere to be seen. ABC Family
Emily and Aria are seen watching Alison's murder trial. ABC Family
PLL 10
Aria in "Pretty Little Liars" episode 23, what has her looking so serious? ABC Family
PLL 11
Andrew and Aria seem to continue their tutor-student relationship in "The Melody Lingers On." Will she fall for her "teacher" again? ABC Family
PLL 12
Spencer looks concerned while on her cell phone at school, but then again, when doesn't Spencer look concerned? ABC Family