Rachel Jeantel: 8 Fast Facts About The Trayvon Martin Friend And Zimmerman Trial Star Witness [PHOTOS AND VIDEO]

Rachel Jeantel was on the stand for the second day in a row during the murder trial of George Zimmerman. Jeantel was a close friend of Trayvon Martin the 17-year-old Florida kid Zimmerman shot and killed in February 2012. Zimmerman is claiming self-defense. Zimmerman insists that the unarmed teen turned on him violently one night and he was left with no choice but to shot Trayvon Martin.

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The prosecution is claiming that Zimmerman profiled Martin because he was a black kid and wearing a hoodie on the night he was shot. The prosecution is arguing that as a neighborhood watchman Zimmerman was becoming more and more frustrated with the endless break-ins happening in his neighborhood.

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Zimmerman followed Martin and depending on which side you believe either shot him in cold blood or killed him in self-defense.

Rachel Jeantel is the star witness for the prosecution. She was on the phone with Trayvon Martin the night he was killed, just moments before it happened. While testifying Jeantel said Martin told her a "creepy a** cracker" was following him.

Jeantel explained she told Martin to run and claims she heard the scuffle leading up to the shooting with Martin yelling "get off me."

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The defense cross examined Jeantel today looking to show her as an unreliable witness. The defense poked holes in her story saying she has not been consistent with what she told police and lawyers after Trayvon was killed.

Having only been on the stand for two days Jeantel already has Twitter and Facebook blowing up with support pages in her name and comments telling her people are on her side.

Based on Jeantel's Facebook, Twitter and other reports Latin Times put together seven fast facts about the woman some claim was Trayvon Martin's girlfriend.

First, Jeantel was the last person to speak with Trayvon before he died. Jeantel claims she was still on the phone with Martin while the attack was going on until his phone got cut off.

Jeantel does not work according to her Facebook page. Under the "Works At" tag Jeantel wrote "My mamma n daddy do all the work I just spend it."

Her Facebook claims she studies Criminal Justice at the Miami University of Ohio but according to MSN News the university registrar told MSN "no student named Rachel Jeantel recently attended the university."

Jeantel lied to Trayvon's parents about why she did not attend the funeral at first saying she was sick but later explaining she felt too guilty about being the last person to speak with Martin before his death.

Jeantel also lied to police about her age in the initial investigating claiming to be 16 so she would be treated as a minor.

On June 20 Rachel Jeantel Tweeted "Plz plz don't make me start next week." Was she talking about her testimony?

She wiped her Facebook and Twitter clean of posts referring to drug use and drinking.

On February 24 she tweeted "Party time lets get high."

What do you think?

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