The husband of journalist Raquel Sánchez Silva was found dead in Madrid on Thursday. Mario Biondo, 36, was reportedly found in the couples' home.

Sánchez Silva, 40, was reportedly at a recording for a show during the time of death and found his body afterwards, reports El Mundo. Biondo's body is currently being examined at the Forensic Institute of Madrid, according to ABC, Biondo has reportedly died from a heart attack. Biondo, 36, was a cameraman for the hit show "Master Chef" at the time of his death.

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Here are six things to know about their love story:

1. The couple met in 2011 in Honduras when Sánchez Silva was filming for a reality TV show called "Supervivientes," and Biondo was a cameraman.

2. Six months after meeting, the two decided to get married. Their love story was fast-paced, but rumor has it they were passionately in love.

3. On June 22, 2012, Raquel Sánchez-Silva married Mario Biondo in Sicily, Italy, reports La Voz De Galicia. The couple kept all details under wraps as they wanted a private ceremony.


4. The couple spent their honeymoon in Taormina, Italy.

5. According to Yahoo, Biondo really wanted to have children. Sánchez Silva confirmed this in her recent Vanity Fair interview where she admitted she can imagine their future together with grandchildren.

6. Rachel admitted in a recent interview that her husband is a wonderful man and better than her.

"For me, he is the best man on earth, very affectionate and a thousand times better than me," said Sánchez Silva of her love.